Monday, July 29, 2019

Short post

Not so short that I couldn't manage a wish photo.  I need to be in bed with a book until the painkillers knock me out. Looking out of this window would be so soothing. The pain is going gradually but I still have to think before I stand up from sitting or bending.  Such a stupid thing to do if I could remember what it was that I did.  I only walked up one step, but I was holding 3 lemons in one hand and the mail in the other and usually I would hold on to the handle of the walker but I thought it was only one step but that one step took the whole weight when I used the other leg.
I just knew something had gone very nasty in the hip/bum region, no breakage just something out of place. It was aggravated by getting up from the computer and once again putting the weight on the wrong leg.  That's when the pain really got itself into gear and the swearing and sobbing started.  I can bend from the waist, no problem but getting up to full height hurts unless I do it in a kind of ballet plie, you know with the legs turned out.  Getting into bed was fun, the good leg went in first but the bad one was sort of hanging around for a bit of finding the damn mattress. Thank goodness I have a wrought iron bed head to hang on to and now I've decided not to get a new mattress and base.  They all seem to be for people who have very long legs and can handle the height.
The only thing I can do right is bend in half right up to the chair and fall back still bent in half then straighten up. Sounds weird but it works.

Good thing I haven't been standing on street corners selling off my pain prescriptions. And poor Barmy, I feel so sorry for him finding it tough to live on his extravagent Parliamentary pay packet.  You should have done something about Newstart when you had the power to do it, whining mongrel.  Every time he does whinge, when you really listen or read it, it's almost a slap in the face to the mother of his child.  

Well I haven't got the room with a view but I do have a bed, I think I'll stagger off for a nap.


Elephant's Child said...

I hope the pain eases - and am glad you have some in your stockpile. I have used mine and have to resort to begging.
Blessed Barnaby has six children to support now, and is struggling poor possum. When even Pauline thinks it is ridiculous you know it is bad.

River said...

How well I remember that getting into bed maneuver, it's been a while, but the memory never goes away. I also remember the roll out of bed holding the mattress until the knees are on the floor then crawling like a baby until things loosen enough to stand and hobble or sit in a chair. I have a few prescription pain tabs left from my last tooth infection, I keep them locked in my safe in case I need one for a migraine. Since quitting work I've only had two migraines.
I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling so much pain, I wish I could do something to help. If only I lived next door :( It sounds similar to a severe muscle spasm, I always used a hot water bottle to help the muscle relax and ease the pain a bit. It might or might not work for you.
I read Barnaby's story in the paper and really, his misery is his own fault. I realise six kids don't come cheap, but he is getting $211,000 per year. Perhaps the expenses wouldn't be so high if the first four weren't in private schools, then again I don't know how the child support system works, my hubby never paid any.
That bedroom with the view is gorgeous.

Ann ODyne said...

oh River I am sorry to hear yours was one of the many who failed to contribute to the raising of their children. and yes that bedroom is the dreamz. at 4AM that ocean pounding on the shore Boom Boom Boom though.
Ms Copperwitch - I was wondering how you could break your backside. what an achievement, as if you need more pain. buying a new bed is no longer straightforward. There is the deep-base mattress thing which makes all the fitted sheets obsolete for a start. I love my iron bedframe, so necessary for hauling oneself up, down, left or right.
Barnaby is disgusting & his homewrecking babymama is too. $4,000 per week would do me

Beth Waltz said...

Beware new beds! All the points raised above are valid: new sheets and longer legs will be required, plus the nuisance of a learning a new "flexibility routine" to enter and exit one's roost. A chum of mine suffering from back trouble made the $$$$ investment. Her new bed is so far off the floor she had to buy two "bed steps", one for her little dog and another for herself.

The bedroom is lovely, JahTeh, but the pounding of the surf would make me anxious. Landlubber that I am, I'd wake up wondering if the tide was in or out; and if in, how close...

JahTeh said...

El Chi, hasn't he made a bloody fool of himself. What if he hadn't been re-elected? He'd have had to graft like the poor farmers he's supposed to represent.
Cheers for Doc Marvin who hands out the painkiller scripts before anything else.

River, you landed on your knees! Oh I feel the pain now but I sit on the side of the bed until I'm steady then I get up. The dear Bear knows I'm in pain and hasn't whined once for his breakfast even when I get up near to 11 than 8.
I wonder if she thought she was going to get a lot more money than the wife? Oh, the wife, the muscle building body, I wouldn't call that revenge. I know I should stand in solidarity with the left behind wives but I think women body builders are just a bit grotesque.

Annie, I just took some food out for the birds and I couldn't get back up the steps, I didn't dare put any weight on the left leg again but I couldn't get the right leg up. I managed by throwing myself at the sliding door which slid and I just got the hand away in time to grab the curtain. The pain is subsiding a little but it's moving to different parts of my leg, definitely muscle at the moment but by tonight the bone will be hurting. A shower tonight is a must because my granddaughter is bringing the new husband to meet me tomorrow and he's allergic to cats. And my other granddaughter has given me her cold. I swear I will start wearing a sign that says, Do Not Kiss. And as you have often said about vinegar and salt chips, I had a packet in the cupboard and ate them just a week ago.

Beth, I couldn't possibly give up my bed head, at the moment it's essential for turning over in bed. I really need a base not a mattress. They're touting the extra soft top for a mattress but it makes it so hot in bed, I have a sheepskin cover which is great and can be washed.
I love the sound of surf and with the gumtrees around and a big wind it sounds just as though I was at the beach. The trees are far enough away not to fall and hit my house. Of course I would be rich enough to have triple glazed windows to cut down really loud sound.

Cheryl said...

I feel your pain, hope your injury heals quickly.I live in the electorate Barnaby represents and the amount of pork barreling that goes on here close to elections is breathtaking to say the least. He has brought all his troubles on himself and it really makes me sick to hear his whining, he wouldn't know what it is to struggle financially. We have a relatively new mattress on slats and it takes quite a bit of manoeuvring with my short legs to climb up onto it!

Ann ODyne said...

Darling funny wonderful Copperwitch I wish you the joy of Spring in this depth of Winter, and many more birthdays and goodness. We have now reached the age of wisdom & experience where we can do anythibg we damn well want to, so make a start. Massive Happy Birthday love to you from the gum trees in the westerly Western District

Ann ODyne said...

that tpyo was brought to you by the letter n, Sesame Street has been going for 50 years and despite all the warnings Australian children STILL do not say zee instead of zed

JahTeh said...

Thank you for birthday greetings. Sister rang and her gift was to warm me about a stress fracture in hip or pelvis and she's going out to lunch for me. Humph!
Visit from Sarah and new husband and I swear he is so skinny that he could work as my left leg. Allergic to cats but the Bear didn't hide from him.
AND lucky me, I found a cheese cake in the freezer that I had forgotten, now you know I'm in pain. It was 3 degrees this morning but Canberra was worse which would have made El Chi so happy.
Your Christmas present will now be for Birthday since I missed Christmas in July.

JahTeh said...

Cheryl, He could take his brats out of posh school and send them to the local school which would then be updated to his standard. I keep watching the ads for new beds and they never show oldies trying to get comfy, should come with a rope ladder. I love watching the Life channel but all the house hunters want a king bed. God it takes me an hour to make a queen bed and I have a king doona, that's a joy to change the cover.

River said...

Oldies trying to climb a rope ladder to get into bed? That's a scary mental image.