Friday, August 16, 2019

I managed the steps, one step and carefully

I didn't know that Google has an archive of all my blog photos.  Some very nice young men lounging about with nought wrapped around them, wish I could remember what you do with them.

I do remember this diabolical trifle cake, I can practically taste it and I have the recipe but it's not a cake one can make standing on one leg.
I did make it to Southland this morning after standing in the rain mumbling swearwords at Taxis but he was one of my regulars and after I had some trouble getting the gammy leg in the car, Prince Charming put it in very gently.   Same with driver coming home and he offered to carry all bags to the front door.  Stuff Uber.

Cat has re-discovered the feather cushion on his chair and is quite comfortable.  He sends shooting stares in my direction when he's hungry but it's bad enough that I have to stir up his kitty litter without hand feeding him on his chair.  He goes outside, digs a giant hole, uses it then comes inside and pees in the litter box, WHAT CONTROL! HOW GOOD IS THAT!

Yes, I am having a go at scummo the peasant.  I would love to shut the mouth of that other vile shock jock but I refuse to put his name on my blog. I'd love to squash him flat like I did to the spider in the bed the other night.  Rather creepy to get out of bed and see the poor thing, legs splayed out, body flat as a tack. I gave him another splat with the walking stick just to make sure.  It means that I must start to tackle the clean up and soon, well as soon as I can stand on two legs. 

I have just enough gin for one glass tonight then it's all over. The rates are in, House Ins is due and I paid $160 at the pharmacy most for pain killers so it's down to Asahi low carb beer, one bottle a fornight. I'll have to re-label my 50c tin, Bombay Emergency Fund and I'm half way to a bottle. Next time I see an ad for vitamins, I'll scream.  They are so expensive, that's why the rich are living and us poor pensioners are dying.  Does that make me a hypocrite, wanting to save up for gin when I really need vitamins? Absolutely not, everyone knows Bombay is a luscious blue pain killer, but I'll give up the glass and my lemons are growing a treat in the back yard - free.


Elephant's Child said...

If you did squash the shock jock flat (and indeed ScumMo) I will happily swear to an alibi for you.

Cheryl said...

I second Elephant Child's comment and there's more goodness in a beautiful bottle of Bombay than a truckload of vitamins.

Ann ODyne said...

That raspberry chocolate trifle cake looks alright to me, definitely birthday worthy. I hope your card had copper-coloured glittery balloons on it. These days, email & Facebook is where birthday greetings from friends emanate, the nannas & aunts who used to send us cards having all gone on to where there is no need for washing machines. A woman here in Tinytown did tell me she got a card which had been posted and only been addressed
Now what you need is lots of Get that knee well soon cards.

Ann ODyne said...

the horoscope in this blogpost is worth another read and the cake looks good enough to eat

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the male instinct will kick in and you won't have to do anything except receive the worship.

Interesting about the archive. I usually find it quicker to Goofle(sic) to find something on my blog than use its own search facility.

We've used taxis both here and overseas quite a bit of late and we have no complaints at all. Screw Uber with its surge pricing.

The rich are mostly wasting their money on vitamins. As well as mood/sanity saving medications, gin should be on the PBS too, perhaps in your case restricted....maybe mine too.

River said...

I've cut my vitamins intake to every second day and sometimes I'll miss two days, I've had to triple the antihistamines though, thank goodness they don't cost what vitamins cost.
Glad you managed to get out and about and hooray for caring taxi drivers. I need to get my own cleanup started, the bookshelves behind the bedroom door are coated in dust.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, what a vile creature he is and he's had the cheek to apologize, saying it wasn't what he meant. The way politics are going we all might need an alibi. Minus 1 degree in Canberra this morning, even the weather hates scummo.

Cheryl, only vitamin I need is Magnesium to stop muscle cramps. I changed brands because it was cheaper and woke up last week with my legs in a pretzel position. Now I have to take two.

Annie O, that cake is made up as a trifle, set, upended on a place with the ganache put over the top, not just a cake but trifle.
I did get your card, it was lovely and it where all your cards are, beside me sticking out of the bookcase. I see the mongrels are thinking of putting up the stamps to $1.10, pigs.

Andrew, PBS gin would be the cheapest bottle of crap ever. You know how I love luxury. Dear old Barbara Cartland took about 200 vitamins a day, it was the only way to get enough strength to hold up those foot long false eyelashes. I hope dearest R is feeling better.

River, I've been cleaning up since this time last year, according to my diary and staving off a breakdown since then. Bloody full moons.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, clicked through to the Edwardian House and after all the work, they are selling it. The cats are gorgeous.

Beth Waltz said...

The great Bob Gurr, the last of Walt Disney's imagineers, the man who designed "anything with wheels" at Disneyland and Disneyworld, including the monorail, wishes to be remembered for his greatest invention the Gurr-tini.
There's a YouTube video of his making it somewhere, but it goes like this:
Place a giant margarita glass upon a solid level surface.
Place a single pimiento-stuffed olive on its side in the glass.
(Do NOT employ a queen size olive.)
Exercising exquisite caution, pour in vermouth to the halfway point of the olive.
If one chooses to rest now, read the labels of the olive container and vermouth bottle. Note that the contents are vegetarian if not actually vegan. Good for you.
Now pour, according to thirst, a liberal quantity of Bombay Sapphire Gin into the glass and gently, gently wiggle the olive.
Consume with gratitude, reminding oneself to live each day to the fullest.

Mr. Gurr is 89-years old and still active internationally as an engineering consultant. He also pursues artistic projects, e.g. a video of Burning Man and the outsider art of a wood rat that lives on his estate.