Monday, November 18, 2019

I have been returned by the aliens, I was too alien for them

After the last weeks of horror, I found this little creature in my files. No burnt paws, or ears, no gasping for air, no terror in the eyes. The animals in the bush are in my dreams and they'll never leave, what a way to remember a destroyed species.  As for our Prime Arse in charge, never mind money for roadworks in the never never future, half a dozen water carrying helicopters and planes for now would be sensible and might even get you a vote at the next election.  It won't be mine though.

At last I have a new computer chair but no instructions so from sitting 6 inches off the floor, I'm now 6 inches down from the ceiling. I can't read the settings on the lever because they were written for people with eyesight that can kneel on the floor and crawl under the chair to work it and you just know that's not me. I could barely move after sitting in it for 2 days until the bones creaked and groaned into the new posture. Over the other side of the study is the new table/desk, more room but less taking up space.

Just when I need all the time I can get for the de-cluttering, I find I've been signed up to twitter which I have not yet worked out, Instagram which I have not yet worked out, fakebook which I have never been able to work out after years of trying but never will I give up the blog.  Something else I can never give up, ebay although I have cut down on the hours spent there looking for Mother stuff. It's handy for the nights I can't sleep and this weekend I found the coffee table that has been waiting for me, just for me. I love it and I haven't even put anything on it yet not even the rocks and frogs. This is the one I've dreamed of, the right size, the right height and with inset glass that won't slide and the price was right and the seller was driving my way and would I mind if he dropped in it at 8 a.m., was he kidding!  Of course that meant out of bed and make space for it. 
He did look a bit befuddled when he walked in but I did say I was de-cluttering. Photo is coming as soon as I find where bloody google hid it.

Christmas gifts are found but not sent yet. Do you realize how close Christmas is although Southland hasn't started the jingles yet. River and El Chi, I have divine little brooches for you except when I was putting everything away so I wouldn't lose any, I lost yours. See what happens when tidy gets in the way. And I dropped my money crystal down behind the chest of drawers but genius, I pulled the bottom drawer right out and managed to grab it with bbq tongs, I mean I'm going to need a money crystal. I still have a bed to buy or maybe just the base, depends if the base costs more than the special of the day of mattress and base. Do you feel that life has become very complicated or may be I'm just old from 10 years of nursing home visits.

And just to make your day, made mine hideous. Dizzy Folau said God gave us bushfires to punish us for same sex marriage but never mind him, plenty of us non dizzies to support and encourage you. I love a good wedding but my divorce was so much better.


River said...

You're back! :) :)
I saw that headline from whatshisname and thought to myself, "what a wanker"
How did you get signed up to Twitter and Instagram? Surely such a thing doesn't happen automatically?
How I wish I could send my brother to sort out your chair, he's so handy with stuff like that and he's in Victoria now, but somewhere in the Dandenongs.
Money Crystal?? I could use one of those myself. Does it have a specific name and colour? Where do I get one?
Christmas is far too close for comfort. I know I'm going to have to start on the mince pies soon, which means clearing the entire kitchen of stuff to have space for rolling out the pastry etc. If I make and send extra, can you get them to Andrew or would that be too much trouble?

Beth Waltz said...

BBQ tongs repurposed as a handy-grabber: brilliant! Reminds me of a defunct golf putter shaft to which was welded a shoe horn, and thereafter so employed by an older gentleman who said it was a matter of becoming inventive or not-wearing socks "like some d--- hippy!" Clever and inventive woman that you are, dear JahTeh, do please give some thought to "how to change the linens" when you're shopping for a new bed. Some mattresses are easier to lift and flip than others.

JahTeh said...

It took a while but problems with nephew's partner so I had to go through blog and remove every reference to her.Instagram kept sending me invitations so I joined but haven't posted a photo yet, Twitter can be good or boring depends on the mood and I couldn't live without ebay. Money crystal must be red with some gold but I can't remember which corner it should be hung from. Andrew wouldn't bring home a pretty pebble from Scotland or a lucky pebble from Ireland so you know where his pies would end up.

Beth, I used to flip the base and the mattress but I wouldn't dare do that now. I love the way the makers say we should change beds every 5 years or so, who's got that kind of money. This bed was from 1993 so I would say a new one is indicated.

Andrew said...

Andrew carries enough baggage without carrying extra for you. Surely it is just a matter of pushing or pulling a lever to get the chair to go up or down?

Decluttering as you are buying more.

JahTeh said...

A pebble, you couldn't pick up a pebble, oh you poor decrepit old dear.
There's writing on the lever like a gear stick and I can't read it. I'm de-cluttering wedding presents. The cat is now eating off a very expensive stainless steel and teak tray. Of course I could always de-clutter your Christmas present to someone else. I'd go on and make you cry but it's International Mens' Day so I'll be kind.

River said...

I'm pretty sure the lever is the key, sit on the chair and pull the lever up until the chair is the height you want. If I remember rightly from when I had one, you need to be sitting on the chair when you adjust it. I'll just send pies for you then. Less baking for me.

R.H. said...

Your divorce? I've been working very hard to have your hubby return to you.

(Suicidal talk, ha ha ha. Death by Copperwitch).

JahTeh said...

River, you know how much I weigh so If I was sitting and pressed the lever I'm sure I'd end up with 5 legs hanging out my backside. I can see the heat that is pressing on S.A. so I hope you're not going out. Make sure the furry Lola does not get dehydrated.

Robert, do you know I don't think I would recognize him or the blonde. He lives in Mildura these days. The blonde has deteriorated somewhat, with the booze and the pokies. Friday nights she was quite often escorted from the RSL absolutely legless.

R.H. said...

When someone lets you down - walk away. Don't fight over it, walk away.
Why would you cling on? Probably the best advice I've ever been given came from a lady doctor in Nhill, "You know who you are". Nhill is a nothing town, a main street thoroughfare for interstate trucks. I never thought to find salvation there.