Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Smoke is bad, fire is bad, LNP indiscribable.

I'm starting early this year for my usual birthday wish list. I've cut it down to about 20 good things starting with this.  Even though it's my birthstone, I'm not over gushy about rubies but I could manage to thank you all for this necklace.  For one, I like the cut of the rubies and they don't overwhelm the diamonds, two I like tassels, they sit nicely between the boobs and hide wrinkles.  And I adore deep red velvet dresses so start saving.

I am away from fires to retain sanity but the smoke lingers. I have lung rot again, nothing but coughing every time I put my head outside the door.  So I have the upmost sympathy for River and Elephant's Child when ever I see what is happening in Canberra and Adelaide. I watched the news last night and cried when the lovely beekeeper man cried for his bees most of the hives having been destroyed.  Kangaroo Island has the only pure strain of Ligurian Bees so he cannot import any bees from anywhere in the world. But as Nature works, the little bodies provided food for starving native birds, enough blossoms were found for the remaining bees but the fires are still raging.  Canberra is unbelievable, almost invisible in the smoke and all the hot air in Parliament will not blow it away. 

I hope you both are staying inside with the cats.  Mine has not left the couch since it arrived except for a quick run outside and last night he was rained on. He sat on my knee waiting to dry off then went back to the couch. 
I would post more photos of him but microsoftgoogleapple have all told me I need an app to download photos from my camera or phone. I've tried all but they've said I must upgrade computer and I'm not in the mood to fiddle with with 10 or whatever it is now.
I lost too much time with mother to keep up with technology, maybe next life.


Elephant's Child said...

I cry daily. The human lives lost are tragic but in NSW alone over 580 MILLION bird/animal/insect lives have been lost.
Love your birthday adornment - and wish it could happen.
Mine is close and I will settle for not being able to see the air that I breath/choke on.

Unknown said...

I can't watch tv news at the moment and make do with radio, bad enough, and newspapers. You plug your phone into your desktop then drag and drop the photos from your phone to the desktop.

River said...

I'm so glad a few of the Ligurian bees were saved, in time the numbers will build up again, fingers crossed. I've had to be out and about a bit, but the smoke haze hasn't been too bad, hardly noticeable and I forget it's there until I start coughing later. Lola is living in the back porch for now, she seems to prefer the heat out there to the AC in here. She's been out there since her last visit to the vet, only spending an hour in the bed at night and less than that on the TV chair with me. It makes for less cat hair inside, so I'm okay with that and she'll move back inside eventually. Maybe.
Now, about that necklace and how we should start saving. For something like that, I'd have to start saving ten years ago. You really should post these much earlier, say ten years advance warning?

Beth Waltz said...

The ruby necklace would suit me for a birthday present as well, dear JahTeh. However, I'd settle for a framed screen shot of the delightful cartoon of HRM sporting the Burmese parure --and a wicked smile -- as she stood beside Trump at the state banquet. The cartoonist noted that Ma'am very rarely wore those big red rocks, known Burma for their use in repelling evil forces.

JahTeh said...

Beth, Her Majesty is noted for wearing just the right brooch for the guest. I doubt he'll ever visit Britain again but if he does, he better not walk in front of her. She has a famous look that comes on her face if she's holding in the anger and we saw it quite a few times. She also a brilliant mimic, I'd love to see her do Melanie.

I hope Princess Anne is not as ruthless as Princess Margaret who destroyed most of the Queen Mother's letters and journals.