Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Still on the dream house

I did tell you that I would be putting in a glass elevator and I think this is perfect. No toiling up the stairs for us broken old tarts, we will have style. 

Now who would like the blue bedroom?  I love the buttoned blanket box at the foot of the bed but I would have my books in that.  Only the best chandeliers for my friends. I love the rug so much I would be happy to sleep on that.

Now because I so rude about dear Andrew, I've picked out a lovely room for him.  Notice all the panelling, it's sound proofing as I've heard his snoring could outdo a fog horn. Really, Highriser, I think you would look quite handsome in this room.

Leave your colour preference in the comments and I will do my best interior decorating skills for you.  Sorry Elephant's Child but I have not found one room with penguin rugs or wallpaper.  I was looking for a wall sized mural with ice and penguins but I will keep searching. 


Elephant's Child said...

You will need to blindfold me to get me to travel in that elevator.
Ice would be fine, penguins a bonus - and thank you for thinking of me.

River said...

My favourite colours are burgundy, deep teal, cream, gold, black, all the shades of the ocean, and whatever they call the colour that resembles clean beach sand. I like the elevator, but will probably climb the stairs, they don't look too steep. Plus I would have to work off all the calories from the pastries you've served us in that revolving garden seat.

Beth Waltz said...

Both bedrooms would delight my sense of the absurd: I have traveled in a limo, my $5 charity shop overnight bag parked in splendor on the leather drop seat. My PJs simply wouldn't measure up, dear JahTeh. (But I would like a tiny Venetian glass chandelier in my bath or bedroom, even one with chips.)

Once upon a time I attended an earthquake mitigation seminar. "What to do if an elevator sticks..." was a featured unit. The following day I was in an elevator that stuck. Aha. One takes off one's shoe, steps close to the edge of the door that opens, then pushes the button to return to the floor from which one traveled. There is just enough charge left in the system to return to that floor and open the door a crack, but only a crack and for only a moment. QUICK! Jam that shoe in the opening and shove for dear, sweet freedom! This works.

Nonetheless, I avoid elevators; although if I were to be stuck in one, that's a beauty.

Anonymous said...

The room is quite acceptable to me but don't play with my mind by switching to nice. It rather reminds me of the one we stayed in at the Sofitel for R's fiftieth. You want to hear snoring? Listen to R.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, I love playing with your mind, it's so small and easy to squash. I'll hide a small booze bar in your bedroom that should keep you occupied.

Beth, you should know I don't do tiny, you'll have to have a large chandelier.
Saw a terrific doco on San Francisco and earthquakes years ago and they shook on room which they'd put on a platform. You should have seen how many and how far bookcases can go across a room. Outside, you couldn't escape the falling glass splinters which they used to good effect in the last Dwayne Johnson movie.

River, I didn't take you for a burgundy person but I do have a rather nice teal room. I did ditch the overly pink room.
You'd climb the stair once, I would get as far at 10 steps.

El Chi, I hope that latest fire is a long way from you unfortunately the smoke won't be. With lungs full of smoke I have the perfect room.

Elephant's Child said...

The latest fire is too close. Less than 20 kilometres away. And the smoke is closer still.

River said...

The teal will do nicely, I'll bring my burgundy throw.
EC, are you packed and ready to run?

Ann ODyne said...

love the post and all the comments too.
I wish everybody safe from fires and from virus.

JahTeh said...

Annie I haven't forgotten you, something magnificent for your personality is coming up for posting.

Ann ODyne said...

thank you darling it will be the highlight of my week, esp if it has disabled access ramp.
I have steps back&front of house
Either they have to go or I do.
mwah mwah

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