Friday, February 28, 2020

Poor Antikva, crunched a fetlock again.

She blamed me for telling her to be careful and demanded to know why her bedroom hadn't been prepared and posted.  Very hard to find a black and gold over the top room but I think this does the job.  I did find a black and gold bathroom to match but it was so dark it didn't show up well.  In fact it was so dark I would have had to put in strobe lights so she would find the fittings and not fall in the bath and crunch another fetlock.
The seat at the end of the bed looks big but only because at the push of a button, a flat screen tv slides up and has been pre-loaded with every season of Midsomer Murder.

Every time I look at this I want to close my eyes and sleep.  An unexpected visitor last week had me trying to do two years house cleaning in two days. I didn't do too badly with one small pile still left which is mostly papers and plastic bags, some of mother's still with me. Now I could have sworn I'd been through all of her stuff but friend who dragged another two bags to the op-shop rang and said she'd found my enduring Power of Att. in a pocket of a purse, dated 2000.  I must check that I haven't still been carrying around in my new purse another copy.  It reminded me that I have to change my will again, more money but only needs one paragraph.  No funeral, since I intend to outlive you all but I'll send a tweet and you lot can organize the grog blog get together. I've been told that in the spirit world there is no sense of time so we can have a 20 year party and not get bored. The LNP are going to the other place so we won't be worried by them.

Take care Antikva, you only have two legs.


Beth Waltz said...

How very splendid, cher JahTeh! Now that you've found a specimen, one admits that one hasn't imagined a Grande French Goth bedroom, much less seen one. That floor! Those crystal lamps! That satin surface crying for a fat white cat to decorate it with floof!

Pity about the bathroom, not being photogenic. Lots of mirrors, yes? Perhaps surmounted with crystal girandoles and real candles? Oh, and French doors opening onto a moonlit terrace with slightly scandalous statuary...

Blow a whistle: this lot is going over the top. :)

Elephant's Child said...

It is going to be difficult arranging that grog blog if all predecease you.
There is STILL some of my mama's stuff to go through. I cannot face it yet.

River said...

I love that bedroom, but I don't need the pop-up TV, I don't have TV in the bedroom.
I am awed at you doing two years worth of cleaning in two days. Awed, but not inspired, I'll wait until I can see the dust from across the room. Without my glasses.

JahTeh said...

Beth, I did think of your floofmeister and the black velvet. Once the lights were out I wouldn't know where I was which is why I sleep under moonlight.

El Chi, I'll have to leave a note for the nephew and have hampers sent. There used to be a blog where you could leave your blog address to have a notice sent but I can't remember how to access it, I think you gave the password to a friend.

River, propped up in bed with Lola and everything done with buttons, programs pre-loaded, you'd be in Heaven. The clean up wasn't that good, everything thrown in baskets, baskets thrown in their future room, shut door.