Sunday, August 16, 2020

Back before long.


Aren't they sweet?  Felted kittens, a craft I never got the hang of.  And I don't think I'm going to get the hang of this new blogger either.  Go hide in a corner for a few weeks and everything changes and I'm just not in the mood for another change.  Cutting my own hair is as adventurous as I can manage.

But let's go with a great fact.  We know the Antarctic glaciers are melting but I just found out that 3% of that melt is penguin pee.  Stands to reason, poor birds have to go somewhere but not with a damn great egg warming on your feet. All I can envisage in my mind is a great circle of penguins huddled together in a storm and someone yells "Pee" and the snow warms up a bit.  Shouldn't have started that thought, must go now, in a hurry.


Elephant's Child said...

Love the felted kittens.
When I did my trip to Antarctica it was early in the summer. The staff did tell us that it got quite whiffy later on in the year - and that they simply threw their clothes away rather than bringing them home.
New Blogger is a bit of a blight - but it is better than it was. I hope you don't give up. You would be missed.

Anonymous said...

A saying we should never forget be it in Antarctica or Mount Bulla, Don't eat the yellow snow.

River said...

I hadn't even thought about the melt being part pee. All that talk about glacier water being so pure is now in my mind, clearly it can't be.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, believe me my mind is not working enough to cope with New Blogger. I think it's just another way of making me go from 8 up to 10. Ice is melting everywhere now fires in California, earthquake in Hawaii, volcanic eruption in Indonesia and big earthquake in Alaska.It's a good thing the meteor missed us last month.

Andrew, hate snow, never going there again. And I can't stand the new carpet at the Highrise although it won't show stains or dirt because it already looks a herd of bullocks have been through.

River, isn't it funny when something like that comes to attention. Thank you for the card, that cat is gorgeous.

Beth Waltz said...

My first home desktop was a reconditioned Hewlett-Packard office model the size of a small refrigerator. It had no sound, used big floppy diskettes, and operated by inputting macro codes. I hired a geek to periodically back up and update the software, hardware and tutor me on program updates. His fee was a legitimate business expense then and remains a mental health indulgence now. Please hire thee a geek, dear JahTeh, that thee may blog blithely on!

Ann ODyne said...

Brilliant theory & cutest kitties. My blogs won't let me post anymore.
Wishing you all warm & safe.

JahTeh said...

Beth, anything electrical is death to me. My brain is frozen with cold which stops me finding out what Microsoft edge is, I still have no idea why Firefox just stopped dead and no idea what 'the cloud' is. I couldn't work Facebook at all and Twitter is running on luck. And my mobile phone is also a mystery.

You should close down those blogs except they had some fantastic Melbourne music history because the bots now look for inactive blogs for pRon sites. And pressing the wrong buttons on Gum Tree will get you to buy sex and sex toys, talk about blush and clutch the pearls.

Ann ODyne said...

hello darling my brain is also frozen and this week I can blame the cold. the vile cold.
also I do not understand Microsoft Edge & would not upload to the cloud in a fit.
wihing you warm & safe from the rona.

JahTeh said...

Annie, bless Kerrie for computer info. Apparently Microsoft Edge is replacing Internet Explorer so we will have to buy "computers for dummy dummies". And why my Firefox just stopped was because one of the other bought it and no-one was told.