Tuesday, January 26, 2021

And we start the year with a bang


I decided not to talk about the year, I have a feeling it's only going to get worse. I was looking for a pair of boots I'd archived which I loved, no not those up there but the brown leather ones at the bottom. They're called slim calf boots for ladies with skinny legs and I think they look great. They remind me of the first time I saw boots on legs when they were just coming into fashion and I never saw another pair I loved as much. I also realized that I didn't have and never would have skinny legs so they remain on my never to wear list.

Now about Crocs, I hate crocs. They're not meant to be worn with any confidence and especially when made by men with a sense of humour. High heel pink crocs, insane but you'll get noticed.

Now if you really want to be noticed, why not these? Spiders, dead I presume and safely encased in plastic but even the thought of walking on top of one gives me the horrors. Give a pair of these to your favourite arachnophobe for her birthday. Trains are too crowded these day to sit and cross your legs to swing your shoes in front of fellow passengers, all of whom are wondering if it's real or not.
These are for us who were never given a Barbie for Christmas and hated every friend who had a roomful. Not me, I only wanted books not blondie dolls with skinny legs. For giving to all your friends you suspect are secret sadists but I'm all for equal rights so where are the booties full of Ken dolls, heads I mean. Although anatomically correct Kens would make fine stomping soles. These were made by a man and I really have to wonder about his mental health.
But my all time favourite, lovely heel, gorgeous buttons, great leg fit, yeah, yeah, except for fat legs but I can still dream. I've put them in my dream folder of all things I've ever wanted and will never have except in that little corner of my mind where I am 6 foot tall, fabulous figure that stays that way without exercise and long red hair plus flawless skin with not a wrinkle in sight.  It really is a dream folder not the walking nightmare I am in real life. I really love those boots.


Elephant's Child said...

It says a lot but these days I am alllll about comfort. And that includes shoes. Most of the ones you showed us today are horrors but even the boots don't tempt me. Sorry.

River said...

They are beautiful boots, but I prefer flat heels and also have chunky calves, so boots are not for me. What I'd really like is a pair of fur lined mukluks for the winter, but do they come in my size? Short, wide feet and huge calves. Probably not.
I like crocs, never had a pair and can't find where to buy any now. They'd be handy in the garden, just hose them off.

Beth Waltz said...

Once upon a time...I spent a lot of time standing in lines at major Midwestern airports, observing my fellow standees. One of my favorites was another businesswoman of a certain age and a certain size who delighted in loud colors, big hats and boots with stiletto heels. This lady travelled in a wheelchair with a "muscle wo-man" to, as she phrased it: "Keep the ball rollin', honey!" Whenever anyone admired her footwear, she'd flash a grin like the sun and laugh, "Honey, nobody can walk in these things, and I can't walk period. So why not?!"
River, I bought my garden crocs/clones online from WalMart. Close enough for patio work.

Unknown said...

I like the idea of heads in the heels and constantly trampling the heads. Now whose heads could we put in there? Abbott, Court, #45......a long list could be written.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, every week I promise the Doc I'll be wearing a pair of shoes, hasn't happened yet.
It's been nearly a year since I've been anywhere I needed shoes even taken to hospital in bare feet. I haven't even tried wearing the Jiffies because with elastic right round the top I can see the Jiffy flipping off the foot and landing on the other side of the room.

River, I looked through ebay and they had a page of crocs in England and they looked fantastic. Great colours and shapes but they're not pliable and I could see me falling every second footstep. Treat yourself with Australian Ugg boots for winter this year, at least they'll mould to your feet and you can get them in ankle length.

Beth, that's a woman to be reckoned with. I had to have a mould taken of my leg for a knee brace and was absolute horrified to see the plaster standing in the room, it was huge and that was before my legs were really big. To have a pair of boots made, I'd need the hides of two steers. Hope you had no trouble in your area during the elections. I really wished he'd tripped up the helicopter steps as he was leaving, it would have been the perfect ending.

Andrew, don't mention Abbott, the fking creep keeps opening that vile gob of his spewing out rubbish. What the Brits think of him I don't know but then he probably only hangs out with failed priests. I'd love to crush his head in a pair of heels. What about Brandis, coming home for a holiday when so many Australians are still left in limbo. He's not in isolation. I turned off Scummo's speech after 2 seconds yesterday.

Elderberry-Rob said...

I quite like the crocs, sort of like an ugly duckling/Swan thing going on, I would wear them teamed with a hat with a trowel on top and go to the Chelsea Flower Show in them. Those boots do look beautiful quality leather, sorry they aren't for you.

JahTeh said...

Betty, I was amazed at the variety of Crocs you can buy in England and the colours but they don't keep me steady. Those boots are from the Steampunk clothes which I love when I see them at the gatherings in England. The imagination to make the clothes is fantastic. I really must look up how Steampunk started, I will be in the baglady class the way I'm dressing.