Friday, January 01, 2021

Virus sneaks into 2021

 2021 arrives carrying another version of Covid virus.

Scummo is off on holidays again because he had to come back and work on changing one word in our crappy National Anthem.

I haven't seen Dutton recently.

My sister cancelled her flight from Queensland thanks to ladies who lunch and spread virus in Melbourne. I'm glad she's not putting herself in danger which means I'm likely to kill her if she starts sistering me. Those of you who have sisters will understand that.

I'm still trying to calm down the cat from fireworks last night. They were cancelled in Melbourne but not at the local Park. He's been a perfect drama queen because of the full moon and slept on me, 40kgs of cat gives one nightmares and now it's fireworks.

And a big Christmas carol for Robbert who outdid himself in the Daffy Duck Tie present. Brilliant, looks fantastic hanging up with the other 5, yes I counted 5 and now 6. Sorry so long to thank you but I've been trying to take a photo of the cat wearing it.

He looks so Daffy in it.

Now I'm going to have a lo-carb beer while tea is microwaving itself.

Have a virus free new year, actually have a Scummo free new year, that's much better.


Elephant's Child said...

A year free of Scotty From Marketing and all of his henchmen sounds perfect.

Beth Waltz said...

Dear JahTeh, I'd feel greater sympathy for your cat problem had I not awakened this morning covered by two! heavyweight felines who were exhausted by their vocal objections to the festivities. (You have fireworks, we have firearms...) And if there is to be a competition in political daftness, I'd like to enter our Congressional Circus scheduled for January 6th. (What is the prize?)
You sound much more like yourself. Hope this means you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Forty kg of cat! Wow. No, can't be that heavy. Low carb beer sounds exciting.

River said...

40kg of cat? What are you feeding him? Annoying visitors? Jehovah's Witnesses?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Stay safe, I read in our newspaper this morning Melbourne has 10 new cases.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, every time I see his face I want to put a brick right through it. Smug arrogant pig of a man who has just taken himself off on another week's holiday.

Beth, what a political circus you have and we are watching it here. The latest was Trump wanting to pardon his family although they haven't been charged with anything but he wants the pardon in case something comes up later. Every time I see a film with 'Launch Codes' mentioned I hope they've given him the lego case.

Andrew, He just feels that heavy. Try Asahi Soukai lo carb beer from Japan, great on a hot day when you don't want anything heavy. Asahi Premium Black is heavier but still good for not over doing the alcohol.

River, he feels like that when I try to pick him up, you know the expression 'dead weight' well that's what it's like.
NSW are trying to blame us again but with the genome sequencing they've got the virus pegged as coming from the beach cluster. It started with 3 women, same cafe, down to the country, back to NSW, up to Sydney. No testing and spreading virus the whole way. That Gov app was useless but we have the testing and tracing doing well.

R.H. said...

Well I don't want an argument but I can only remember sending (including this latest one) four ties! And I am tempted to make a-typically-weak-as-piss stand up comedian joke and say maybe they've reproduced.
In my villainous years there was an old dear running a pawn shop in Richmond who had the biggest cat I've ever seen in my life. It was always there, asleep on a glass-topped counter.

As for fireworks, I knew some Arabs in Little River who actually did fire off guns during NYE. I get the feeling that this year they probably still did it, fireworks or not.

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