Sunday, June 18, 2006


I wasn't going to put craft up here again so soon but I have no thinking brain cells at the moment and Avon has pinched my idea. Their's is only a tacky 12cm cushion with a smaller cushion and coin on top which they call a wealth cushion. It's perfumed with a ghastly Jasmine scent and Jasmine is horrible when it's real. Mine were a lot bigger than a measly 12 cm.

I made these for a man's walk-in dressingroom/wardrobe. The two lower cushions are Chinese red and gold satin and the smaller top is of shot Thai silk of a pumpkin colour which I matched to the colour of the room. Every corner has drops of gold and red glass beads and the leaves on the top are glass beads woven on gold wire. The house has an Eastern influence in furnishings so these are in keeping with the theme.

They're designed to be placed near a heating duct or window where the heat from the Sun will release the Spice potpourri. I didn't think a pretty lavender or rose pot pourri would suit so I mixed cinnamon bark, crushed cloves, allspice berries, dried mandarin and lime rinds, cardamon pods and orange oil, lots of orange oil. The trick to not having any of the spice dust come out of the cushions is to put everything in a huge bowl with the dacron filling and keep rolling it around until it is held within the filling.

I was glad when they left for their new home, the smell was delicious and filled the house and made me hungry. It also made me want a drink, a nicely chilled Brandy Crusta. I love the sugar around the rim and I love the smell of it. I wish I had my sister's liver then I could drink again and that would be the first thing I'd drink. I have a list.

Where was I? Avon, crummy ideas, mine are better and I thought of it first. I read the Avon book and write down things I like then I wait for the sale catalogues when it's half price. I can be thrifty when I like. Speaking of thrifty, my excellent $2 emporium has closed for renovations when it will be opened as a $2 specialist shop. In other words, $2 and up. Bother, I liked the tiny little shop, it was easy to hide a special something behind the other junk until I could get back to it. If they make it all light and spacious it won't be the same. I hate change.


R.H. said...

Those cushions are brothel decor. Very nice.

Miss Jahteh you may not believe this but I have just acquired a DAFFY DUCK tie.
Right now I'm in the mood for sending things off and might mail it to you via the (now notorious) Bacchus Marsh post office - where it may be collected and mailed on to you via the (ever notorious) Miss Brownie. Let's know.

(On topic)


Link said...

They give a whole new meaning to the term 'pillow biters', (cept they're cushions). They're gorgeous and reading about the aromatic spices you used, and the orange oil makes me want to make a middle-eastern dried fruit salad.

JahTeh said...

RH, I realize from other conversations that you are an expert on brothel decor so thank you.
I proclaim July 31 as DAFFY DUCK DAY and you have to wear the tie all day.

Link, I have a huge dish in front of the fire and all the mandarin peel goes in with the spices and everything is drying nicely.

Daniel said...

I tried talking to my pillow but it didn't say much!