Sunday, July 02, 2006


I didn't realize it was July, one of you could have pointed it out. It's the month I turn another year older and two days of it gone already.

So we have the earthquake report for June. Another 15 earthquakes for Australia and one in Victoria, west of Darriman. It was 13 kms underground and measure 3.2 on the Richter Scale. If that's anywhere near Bacchus Marsh it's only Brownie moving house.

The Basil Fawlty method of Television repair has worked and I have kicked it into life. Yea for Inspector Jericho. It had better keep going because 7 has started Stargate again with no publicity at the usual stupid hour which means I have to tape it.

Winter has started too. It's freezing, raining, cold and I have to get the cat outside with the aid of a shovel. When's spring?


Anonymous said...

What? It is July????? Can't be. How many day to christmas?

Unknown said...

Pinch and punch for the first of the month!

Mike Ballard said...

Coldest, driest June in what's known of history over here in Perth.

July is the Northern Hemispheric version of January. In Michigan, in January, it would be 15 below zero F. 32F is OC.

The OC. Never watched one of them. I have seen Jericho. Good crimi stuff. I missing it tonight though, mostly because I've had too many ales to make it through 'till the end.

Nice vegetarian spaghetti for dinner tonight. How do I do it? Must be appetite. ;D

Daniel said...

Tis the winter of our discontent! Gather close around the fire and watch the embers merrily fly and dance. Talk softly and think only of the buds forming unseen beneath the cold, hard bark.

Spring is coming!

Ian Haul said...

Hmmm... now that my "iain hall" and "niceperson" accounts have been hacked and passwrods changed, the rubbish of the left is being deleted. There goes the evidence!

Now it's only a matter of time before my blog entries are altered... What levels the left won't stoop to.

I'd expect a melbourne wicca to understand. Being so close to Mr Lefty and all.

JahTeh said...

So you agree Andrew, the older we get the faster the years go?

Oh good one Ron, I'll save the pinches and punches for when we meet.

No wonder you moved to God's Own Country mike b and not just for the best ale.

No, ardlair, not a witch merely an old crone with a hair dye habit.

Daniel, never mind the poetry, say it with cashmere.

ian haul doesn't get deleted or replied to unless he can prove who he is but I will say I have met Mr Lefty and find him adorable.

BwcaBrownie said...

Oh Mike - MI to Perth! You could have just gone to Florida for the winter?

Copperwitch thank you for the laugh I got visualising the Moggie being shovelled outside.
The four cats here, are all so funny it stops me going insane while waiting for the sMarsh volcano to erupt.

Those grand-daughters are beautiful.

JahTeh said...

Brownie it's amazing, he'll sit at the gate waiting for me to get home, in the dark and rain but the minute the fire goes on, that's it, immovable object.

Helen, I've been through worse with her, medically. but this mental stuff is tough especially since she knows she's not right.