Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I've been filing the first six months postings of this blog.

I find that quite reasonable as I don't trust anything electronic, look at Beta and that fiasco.

I was a lot happier then and it's a good thing I have a blog or I would have forgotten that.

Mother troubles will disappear happiness in a blink.

Yesterday she said I was overdosing her with pills and when was the funeral.

But if the blog is boring my commentors are not.

I have been blest with the best eccentric mob to be seen in blogland.

I love you all and I think that the blog commentor awards should be initiated in 2007.


BwcaBrownie said...

Commentor Awards is a great idea.
No need for votes.
RH wins hands down.
any category you like.
Most Offensive.
Most Unique.

The Nobel Prize comes with a cheque.


JahTeh said...

Wouldn't you love to see RH as Prime Minister? I'd even watch question time then.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, shucks [looks down, kicks toes into sand].

Anonymous said...

Oh, and good thing you are saving posts. You never know when Giggle may pull the plug--or demand money.
Yes, I believe that the ransom for Copperwitch would have to be in the millions. Yes, indeed.

Vest said...

Crystal. Who is honouring the cheque?

Jahteh. How does RH show up? hopefully more statuesque than the incumbent Prime Miniature!

R.H. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
R.H. said...

Darlings I've just copped an American dime in my change. It's almost the size of our five cents, and features FDR's head on one side. Which prompts deeply sentimental yearnings to know how my old mate that grasshopper-headed bastard Markus Knowallus is getting on. ha ha ha. Yes well he banned me from Laugharse to avoid getting a hiding from the feminists there, and I've no idea if he's still posing as FDR because I haven't seen the silly
c-nt since. True.

(Don't encourage him)

JahTeh said...

Ask a silly question Vest.......

Kurt I've just seen a program on Flight 9 that went through a volcanic cloud, lost power to the four engines, glided for miles and then the crew restarted them and survived but I still don't believe in flying so I'm always surprised when I logon to find I'm still here in electric land. All modern stuff bamboozles me.

RH, he's still posting as FDR and I don't see why you got a lifetime ban. Why weren't you named in the famour writer list, you've thrown out enough comments to write a book. I'm surprised Henry got a mention.

R.H. said...

Me? What about you? You've thrown out enough books to write a comment! ha ha ha!


Well listen, all I did was send Miss X an email, asking her not to comment on my comments:

"I want no communication from you. None at all. And I'll offer you none."

Here's her reply:

"Fuck off, Robert. Don't go there."

Wooh!- what a lady! So feminal. Golly. Well I can only hope the next time she burns her bra she forgets to take off first.

R.H. said...

Thanks Crystal.

JahTeh said...

Gee, RH, I hope Vest got to read that damn fine comment before you deleted it.

R.H. said...

You are never boring.