Monday, February 19, 2007


A fellow blogger is in raptures over her new coffee espresso machine not unlike this one. Very shiny but a lot of work for a cup of coffee in the morning.

I prefer mine served on a balconey by a willing slave. The coffee can be luke-warm but he's not.
In his other hand he's holding the croissants. Perhaps he should have put more clothes on, he could take a chill in the morning air, perhaps not.


JahTeh said...

Eyes glazed over yet, CameraFace?

Anonymous said...

Ahh...JT! You certainly know how to put a smile on this girls face.....I may have to print that one and put him on my fridge!


BwcaBrownie said...

glazed like a donut, jahteh.

Anonymous said...

I think those croissants would be best spread with a generous portion of Nutella. I've heard that's the traditional way to have a morning quickie in Luxembourg, that is if you need to get up and leave in a hurry for work.

Anonymous said...

Oy, you call that a lining?

Anonymous said...

Well, here we are again, JT. Tsk tsk. You disappoint me. I'm not so sure you have thought this one through.

First of all, most women today claim that there aren't many men who could properly prepare a really hot one. Well, of course there's Jeeves, but it was really his attire and his wit that made him so notable, not his performance in the kitchen. Although you did say you don't care about that.

But then think of all those beans that this fellow would need to grind! Can he handle it? In your bloke's inexperienced and inept hands they would probably roll all over the kitchen table and end up sprawled out on the kitchen floor. How dirty is that.

Then, what if he spills it while he's pouring, that itty-bitty espresso cup and all? I know it's got a handle on it, but good heavens, it seems the young ones can never decide which hand to hold it in while pouring.

And speaking of tiny cups: I don't know how many levels your house has, JahTeh, but if you want it in the bedroom, it would probably be ice cold when he finally gets it up there.

No, no, I don't think this one will give you the stimulation that you expect (and deserve) from a well-steamed cup of expresso.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait. I forgot that with this type of appliance there is no dripping or percolating into a pot first; it comes out directly, no pouring necessary. Sorry.
As long as we're on the subject, does anyone perk anymore or is that just me showing my age?

Lord Sedgwick said...

"And speaking of tiny cups"

Jahteh and tiny cups in the same sentence?!

We don't think so!!

Anonymous said...

Ahem,Your Excellency, seein' as I only know this lady from 'er words, I'd best let her handle that one herself....

Andrew said...

Certainly my dear. Such clean lines, easy to clean surfaces and functional as well. It is most impressive machine.

JahTeh said...

Kurt, look at those abs, the lad could grind anything.

Listen Your Perveship, post anymore titillating photos of me on your blog and I'll be sueing the longjohns orf ya.

Zoe, that's what's so lovely about photos, you never have to hear the voice although he looks like he might be able to speak something luscious and low in French.

Good one Bwca, glazed donuts, I'll take two. (don't be tempted, GG)

Janet there are soooo many things wrong with that comment. Croissants, Nutella, Luxembourg and especially quickie should never be used in polite company but then you're safe on this blog.

I should have known, gay men can never resist shiny toys.

Thank you Mrs Levy, I remembered that joke.

Janet and Kurt, Forbattle blogspot has a post up regarding unique Orstrayan sayings, you might enjoy it. A clean one, 'He's so tight he wouldn't shout if a shark bit him'.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Always nice to learn something new.
The one about the one-armed cab driver reminded me of Andrew's, er, little problem a while ago.