Saturday, May 12, 2007


This is the floor of the Parliament House Vestibule which leads to the Queen's Hall. The work and the colours are stunning. You can buy a jigsaw puzzle of this at the gift shop.
Seeing this fabulous building has made me aware of how little I've seen in Melbourne in the last twenty years. The so-called 'Head of the House' was never interested in taking the boys anywhere like this. If he went anywhere it was for himself, the centre of the Universe. I sound a bit bitter and I am. Too many wasted years that I'll never get back. Sentimentality is over-rated, I should have walked away looking forward like he did.
This mood too will pass. I've been going through my Mother's things again because I refuse to do it later. All her things are mentally packed and labelled and it will take me 24 hours to clear the house. I'm doing the memories and crying stuff now because later on I'll be moving fast, the bonded servant will crunch the shackles and you won't see me for dust.

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