Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Blanket box is out again.

Table is moved again.

Going through about 200 audio tapes for the op shop.

Doing the same for trinkets.

Last night all I wanted was an early night, pain killers and a hot shower.

I didn't need the heart attack when a cockroach dropped out of the air vent above the shower and landed on me boobs. Not being one to shower with my glasses on all I could see where feelers and legs. I threw it in the water bucket as it headed south and not even cockroaches go there. Damn thing swam and jumped out. He's still in there somewhere and I hope the silverfish get him.

Pain killers are so nice.


Lord Sedgwick said...

"a cockroach dropped out of the air vent above the shower and landed on me boobs."

I'm turning Buddhist. I want to come back as a cockroach ... with full landing rights.

hazelblackberry said...

Cockraoches will survive anything - except a boot.

JahTeh said...

Listen here M'Lord, I've already had one experience of you landing on me so I'm reincarnating as roach spray.

Na, hazel, to do a really good job, there's nothing better than a geologist's pick. It's just unfortunate I didn't shower with it last night, can't think why, I usually do.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Yep, OK we landed on you. But where our clodhopper landed had nowt to do with your abundant busty substances ... unless gravity had effected you more full on (or down) than we thought at the time ... or was visible under the table ... which reminds me - Brownie's exit that evening was indeed a magnificent tour de farce.

or more accurately hazelblackberry "Cockraoches will survive anything - except a boob." What a way to go!!

('scuse my adolescence.)

Now I'm off to check out the for for the Cox Plate ... i.e. checking to see how many of the starters are owned by any, or all of the alleged Mokbels.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Sorry ..."the form for the Cox Plate" (Tony was breathing down our neck at the time of typing and we were tad disconcerted.

JahTeh said...

That brownie know how to make an exit. I wonder if they ever found the broken pieces of the wine glass we hid in the pot plant. She's still not sure how she made it to the station. If you remember when you hit the foot I bounced forward onto the table and bounced.

Middle Child said...

I am still laughing...funniest thing I have read for ages ; )

Lookit my word verification
"opouirbe" bloody hel some of them are long

JahTeh said...

Why MC, that sounds terribly posh for a word verification.

And I just noticed a new thingy for emailing comments. When did that happen? I swear this computer is setting itself up to conquer the world.