Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Crabs can grow back their claws.
Something I didn't know and now wish I didn't.

Unfortunately this means that fishermen in the US, Europe and the UK (fishermen there can legally take both claws) can de-claw their catch, throw them back into the sea to regenerate the claws, to be caught and de-clawed again in a never ending cycle.
This is considered a sustainable industry.

Bob Elwood and colleagues of Queen's University, Belfast, UK, measured how much de-clawing increased stress and affected the crabs survival.
Crabs with one claw removed showed a greater physiological stress response than crabs allowed to shed a claw naturally. And they were still stressed 24 hours later.
Of 28 crabs that had one claw removed, 5 died.
No crabs died after shedding their claws naturally.
What this news snippet didn't say was where or how the researchers got their data.
On a fishing boat - doubtful. In the laboratory - more likely.

So is it creepy that they de-clawed crabs and watched what happened or should I put this down to a 'Star Trek' moment where the needs of the many (un-de-clawed non stressed crabs) take precedence over the needs of the few (de-clawed stressed outs).


Lord Sedgwick said...

You make a posting about crabs and you seriously expect I won't pick up the eau de cologne and make an STD call?

Hah! See, I didn't!

I can show some self restraint, and if'n I'd done that a while ago I wouldn't have these sexually transmitted bedbugs doing a nit one, pearl one, knit two together, cast off, Cook's Tour of me short'n'curlys.

Bugger! You've suckered me in again! I blame P.T. Barnum! ... and you, of course!

JahTeh said...

I'm glad you can show restraint, I didn't when I took the piss about you over in Lancashire. It's sweet that you still have short'n'curlys since I've heard they fall out with age as well.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"It's sweet that you still have short'n'curlys since I've heard they fall out with age as well."

Nope, still have me grey nomads ... mainly on account of no Nads.

(So then, speaking about body parts falling out on account of age, how are yer eyebrows then ...)

Off topic. Do go'n see "Death at a Funeral". Dare one be so pesumptuous as to suggest it'd be right up your alley. The good thing about it is that the film's casting director had obviously told Hugh Grant's agent to p'off. (However do take a pack of industrial strength Tena's.)

Brian Hughes said...

"Dare one be so presumptuous as to suggest it'd be right up your alley."

Are we still talking about the crabs here Sedgwick? (As you can probably see, I'm not so self-restrained.)

Lord Sedgwick said...

(As you can probably see, I'm not so self-restrained.)

... and as with all crabs, we expect you to Fred Scuttle away sideways down the Benny Hill tout de suet.

Brian Hughes said...

"Nope, still have me grey nomads ... mainly on account of no Nads."

Not much left in the way of bush tucker then? (Scuttles away sideways ashamed at the Giles Brandreth style observation, with claws tucked mindfully into shell.)

JahTeh said...

That's real sensitive of you M'Lord considering how close to the end of the twig me Ma is. I might be able to pick up some tips on funeral etiquette, like do I have to wait until the box departs before I snot the Bouvier sisters.

Hughes of the Wylde, expert on all things nomadic and scuttling including crabs.

Brian Hughes said...

I've scuttled many a muckle in my time. Mind you I got arrested for it.

Mindy said...

I would have thought that crabs with both claws "declawed" or how about ripped off, would starve to death because they couldn't feed themselves anymore.

JahTeh said...

Mindy, the very thing I was thinking about the two claws law but I suppose they would adapt with the lesser claws. I couldn't find out how long it took them to regenerate either. Google hates because I never ask the right questions.

Middle Child said...

WE humans are just so clever...makes me sick. Who would have wasted their time coming up with this torture?