Tuesday, October 16, 2007


One of them is accidently flip the mirror to magnify when applying wrinkle cream.

I'm losing the wrinkle marathon and my eyebrows are turning white.

Don't buy expensive wrinkle cream, stick to polyfiller.


Ann ODyne said...

re facial emollients:

just browsing New Scientist yesterday and read there that SPF in creams on anybody's skin is more harmful than the UV rays it's supposed to repel.

Mirror mirror ... on the wall ..

Lord Sedgwick said...

Polyfilla, don't slap it on your boatrace.

A tablespoon each morning (with a castor oil chaser) will ward off osteopornosis ... and incontinence.

JahTeh said...

Jeebus, Annie, I've given up looking in mirrors unless I've taken my glasses off and SPF is too late for a kid who got sun poisoned everytime I went near the beach.

As ever, Your Lordship is the font of all wisdom and obviously hasn't got shares in the Depends factory.

Brian Hughes said...

When the wrinkles become gullies and the jowels become hammocks for dormice, take a tip out of the Sedgwick Book of Cosmetics and grow a big beard. I'm just hoping that he also grows a long fringe at some in the not too distant future to hide the rest of his hideous face.

JahTeh said...

Sorry Hughes of the Wylde but the best I can do is a bit of stubble which is a shame as the dormice could do with the shade as they swing in the hammocks.

Middle Child said...

We have a sister who is 55 and has nary a wrinkle...so we call her Spakfilla (not to her face) whereas eldest sister 57 and myself 53 and the other two in 40's all have our share...its not the wrinkles so much its those stray white and black hairs on your chin you don't see till you trip over them