Friday, November 30, 2007


And a good steal from Maria it is.

You can all hit the comments with this, what super power would you have or which super hero would you be?

The way the wildlife is invading this house, I could turn into Spiderwoman anytime now.

And my secret power would be to have a long range invisible slap.

The thought of wrapping a sharp hand to the face of Captain Smirk makes me happy and yes, it is okay to kick a party when it's down.


Brian Hughes said...

I'm already a superhero, so the question's academic.

Stegetronium said...

I often wish I knew I was invincible in a fight. I would only use my powers for good, but I would really REALLY like to take on f*wits who abuse you from cars. Shopping centre car parks seem to be the most likely to bring out the abusive thug in people.

JahTeh said...

I'm sorry we don't seem to have your credentials here at Superhero headquarters. Could you please submit evidence of at least 5 'Save the world' attempts and a photo of your hose pipe.

Mikhela, You're about to become the mother of two and you will have this power, believe me. Anyone who looks sideways at your children will be withered by one glance. You will not believe the power of mothers, WE RULE!

Morgana said...

touche, touche, Spider Woman.
So will mine be the first of many an application to headquarters?

"Wonder Mum with tits that act acordingly in rare circumstances as men beaters about the head"

Now thats talent!

Ozfemme said...

My power is too powerful to be unleashed.

But if I did, it would unite all the odd socks in the world.

This is just between us, okay?

Maria said...

Ozfemme, I will need you at my place. Can I book Supersockpairer for an emergency post-laundry call?

JahTeh said...

Morgana that's more than talent, it's a weapon of male destruction worthy of a Superhero.

Ozfemme, another brilliant super talent but can you also stop wire coathangers from procreating in a dark wardrobe?

You have odd socks Maria? Perhaps you should check that infamous sock wearer Lexicon Harlot especially if the socks are striped.

phil said...

I'd like to be able to float. Just a little bit. That would be way cool.

R.H. said...

Sweetiepies and special darlings, hello.
(OH!- my goodness gracious!)
Now then, here's a recipe for scones, from the infallible ladies at Altona bingo, and who would contradict?

One cup of self raising flour.
One cup of cream.
One cup of lemonade.

Mix together and put in an oven. That's it. All I know.

Loving you

Steph said...

Invisibility! How awesome would that be!

Ampersand Duck said...

That's actually a really good scone recipe, I've been using it for years.

I would like to have an invisibility option. And to fly. And to breathe underwater. That's all. Not much to ask for, really.

Ann ODyne said...

Avenger Of Animals here!

My secret power is that I can mete out critter justice to anyone who fails to consider the feelings of the animals in their care.

Just days ago I got a man and tied him to a signpost in the blazing sun over hot concrete without his shoes - so he would know what he had put his dog through.

I dream of driving a road-train loaded with truckdrivers, and doing 130 kms per hour all day in 35 degree heat, then unloading them into pens at the saleyards overnight with no food or water.

I fantasise about mulesing a bunch of farmers.

and just for fun I wish all the silly-hat women who Love Cup Week, should have to first witness a thoroughbred mare being serviced.

peas and love from
Avenger Of Animals!

prude said...

That is way cool ann o'dyne. I wears a penguin suit all the time but I am afraid it is not for avengeful or revengeful reasons. It is simply because I think it is snug. And quite a looker if I do say so myself even if a bit stifling in the summer time.

Go the penguins!

JahTeh said...

Phil you can't tell me that after several of your home brews, you don't float just a little bit.

I agree with &duck,Rh,that is the best recipe for scones, sweet or savoury. For savoury just add some feta cheese and chopped ham.

It wouldn't work Steph, even invisible we'd hear you falling off your shoes. Perhaps you should have gone for superco-ordination, that way you could still kick some bloke in the goolies while sculling an appletini while talking on your mobile....well you get the drift.

It's not much to ask Duckie and the invisibility bit might frighten BumbleBee into looking over his shoulder for a lifetime.

I vote O'Dyne as 'CreatureWoman' and can I help with the mulesing? You forgot loading up a ship bound for the Middle East. There must be a way we can calculate how many creeps we can jam on board and don't forget to hide the weak ones in the middle until they croak and we shove them over the side for the sharks.

Can you tell I've had a 'mummy' day?

Prude, my favourite birds especially the little Adelies.

R.H. said...

I'm pleased to have that recipe confirmed as genuine, and not a joke. I got it from one of the snack bar ladies at Bingo City, and puzzled over it all night. The cream was queer enough, but it was the lemonade that really astonished me.

Stegetronium said...

The scone recipe is serious?
Cross your heart and hope to die?
Because I'd have to buy the lemonade specially and getting out of the house is a big effort.

R.H. said...

Yes the recipe is apparently serious, it was handed to me that way (no one appeared to be laughing) but still I wasn't sure.

JahTeh said...

Rh and Mikhela, it's supposed to be infallible. The cream in place of rubbing in butter and the lemonade for the raising agent.
Something for the new mother, as of 4.30 today, to pass on to the next generation.