Friday, December 14, 2007


Back in September 2006 I blogged about salmon farming and how the fish were given chemicals to achieve the level of colour that they got naturally by eating krill and wondered how long before it was realized it was cheaper to feed them the krill.

It wasn't long. Antarctic krill is already being overharvested to feed farmed salmon. Krill are tiny shrimp like creatures and are the staple diet of polar marine animals including penguins and whales. The krill are already under threat with the loss of the sea ice and parts of the ice shelf which forms the krill nursery.

The US National Enviromental Trust says fishing-industry figures indicate that a catch of 746,000 tonnes will be made n the coming season, 25 per cent above the quota set by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

The krill eat phytoplankton, everything else eats krill or the creatures that feed on krill. It's all about balancing the environmental ecosystems that exist in polar waters. I'm all for stopping whale hunts but we also have to take a good look at the smaller picture.


Brian Hughes said...

"Krill are tiny shrimp like creatures."

On Star Trek they were blue and had antennae and looked very much like extras sprayed with eyeshadow, dressed in tin foil. Presumably they're another species?

River said...

Makes me glad I don't eat salmon.

JahTeh said...

Hello, a Trekker. I don't remember Krill in Star Trek and at the moment I'm part way through my collection of Babylon 5, a superior sci-fi show.

When I read about the chemicals River, I bought a can of John West and another brand and the difference in colour was astounding. Farmed salmon are escaping into the wild (as one would)and they're mating which they aren't supposed to do so now the hybrids are emerging. One of those ideas that seemed grand at the time but has turned into a big mess.

Brian Hughes said...

It might have been Doctor Who. Then again I might have dreamt it. Too much Garstang Blue before I go to bed at night. My doctor's told me to cut down, but the feathers have blunted my scissors.

River said...

The colour difference could be one can was pink salmon and the other red salmon. Then again I've had differences in tuna, with the cheaper generic brands being darker coloured and very strongly flavoured. Obviously the one "John West rejected" ha-ha. I've tried John West because the ads lead you to believe it's the best, but I prefer the Sirena brand.

JahTeh said...

River, both red salmon as this is supposed to be the best. The pink salmon they don't bother to colour.
I'm very suss about John West anything.

Hughes I think you've got it, Dr. Who but I couldn't say which Dr.

Brian Hughes said...

Blue spray paint, silver foil and stuck on antenna...could be any of 'em, really.

Middle Child said...

depriving them if Krill would kill them quicker that Japanese whaling...both are bad... but the activists are awful quiet on the salmon thingie...maybe they like gourmet salmon samiches too much..