Thursday, December 06, 2007


To Mikhela and Lovergirl

Twins have arrived safely.

A girl, weighing 4lbs 11 ozs and a boy weighing 5lbs 5 ozs.


Brian Hughes said...

More babies? I suppose congrats and all that are in order, but being the misanthrope what I am, I can't help thinking that it's a bit like introducing a new disease into a hospital and then acting chuffed about it because it's given the surgeons something new to think about.

JahTeh said...

It's the God-fearing Bible wavers that tremble every time a lesbian couple have children especially in this country, up until the glorious election that is. Rudd's a God-botherer but not as rabid as the other mob.
I must get my reading glasses checked, I read misanthrope as mistletoe and wondered why people would want to kiss underneath you.

Brian Hughes said...

"I read misanthrope as mistletoe and wondered why people would want to kiss underneath you."

Probably to say goodbye to each other just before they suffercated.

R.H. said...

Darlings I oppose homosexuals, lesbians (and the sexually reassigned or whatever), raising children, and the bible has nothing to do with it.

Ann ODyne said...

I'll just deal with that comment above first:
Dear RH - I wish I had been raised by a couple of any sex, other than the non-divorced heterosexual whackos that fucked over my dear brain ...

and I actually just wanted to congratulate the happy parenters and say that my last 9 months just whooshed by too - and i have no Mini me to show for it. drat.

Ann ODyne said...

ooooooooooow eeerrrr
(Frankie Howerd voice)

Hughes changed his avatar

R.H. said...

Yes, and so would I, rather than the cruel unmarried shit I was sent to live with. I would have liked a bourgeois upbringing in fact. But there's second worst, third worst and so on; I'd have preferred normal, conventional, totally unremarkable. Then I wouldn't be the twisted raging bastard I am now.

Brian Hughes said...


"I'd have preferred normal, conventional, totally unremarkable."

No you wouldn't. If you'd have had that, you wouldn't have an excuse for being a knobend now.

R.H. said...

Darlings I've been waiting for you rabble to protest my unkind self-criticism. No one has.
And so I'm thinking of deleting it. The truth is, if I had a blog only compliments would be allowed, and I would expect uproarious contradiction of the smallest self-criticism. Okay?
And Tom I'll tell you something, mania is an alternative to jumping off a cliff.
And people say, RH treats dogs like human beings.

No I don't.

I treat them better.

JahTeh said...

Rh, you still don't get it. Lesbian and gay couples don't have to have children but they do because they want to be parents. They want to bring up their children the best way possible with all the love in the world. I haven't noticed anything in the papers lately about a gay couple beating the crap out of or killing their child, have you?

He looks kind of shifty, doesn't he Annie O? It has been a fast nine months and Christmas just weeks away.

Rh, there are plenty of hetero parents in my family that I wouldn't allow to bring up a dog let alone kids including the last one to have a child who had it for the money.

R.H. said...

You won't make this nonsense seem okay by attacking hetero parents.

It's wrong, and you know it: a crime against kids.

Brian Hughes said...

I'm with R. H. on this one. Let's get all the gay and lesbian parents rounded up and shipped off to Guantanamo Bay at gun point. What we need is more, good old fashioned ignorance and bigotry in this world. You just can't have enough narrow-minded beligerance running amok in society, I reckon. The idea of kiddies growing up with a tolerant attitude towards same sex couples is unthinkable. The next thing you know we'll all start believing that women deserve a fair crack of the whip or that black people should be allowed to walk the streets without chains round their ankles, or that the working classes should get the vote. Then where would we all be? Get 'em all shot, that's what I say, and let's return to the old belt-thrashing, bible-bashing brutality of good, common, decent folk. That's how it was when I was a nipper, and look how perfect the world's turned out to be because of it.

JahTeh said...

A crime against kids, Rh? Have you seen the beautiful photographs of little Charlotte Pilgrim-Byrne at themuriels blogspot? You've had a couple of run-ins with Kelly and Sam over this issue so you go and have a look at a happy laughing baby. Of course, you'd probably prefer children to be brought up by parents like Boozing Britney Spears or coke sniffing Kate Moss or are they okay because they're single parents?

Hughes, dearest, take your medication and don't bother with a glass, straight from the jug will do.

Brian Hughes said...

Straight from the jug? I don't bother messing about with stuff like that. I inject the scrumpy straight into my arm. Five seconds of massive rush followed by a week and a half of hangover. It's the only way to appreciate the effects fully.

Before I go and smack a vein up, however:

"...people say, RH treats dogs like human beings.
No I don't.
I treat them better."

Even the lesbian ones?

JahTeh said...

Hhmmmmmmmmmmmm Scrumpy! Rough country scrumpy (without the cig butts)jugged or refined in a bottle? Even hardened Aussie drinkers have trouble beating a scrumpy drinker.

R.H. said...

Dump that gravatar Tom.
It's too good a likeness.

Brian Hughes said...

No problem...don't want to go round scaring people needlessly.

Unknown said...

Oppose homosexuals RH? What do you mean oppose? I am one of those homosexuals. How do you oppose me?

R.H. said...

I'm very surprised you'd make the same error as my pal Tom.
Where do I say I oppose homos, or lesbians?
Read what I said -again.
I said I oppose them raising children, that's all.

Brian Hughes said...


My mistake. You're quite right, of course. You didn't say that you opposed gays and lesbians. You just felt that certain human rights, which are perfectly acceptable for hetrosexual couples, should be denied them, that's all.

Perhaps we should treat them like chimpanzees. I'm mean...seriously, they're perfectly fine to watch and point at in zoos...or in the case of lesbians, in glossy magazines...but equal human rights? Preposterous.

Fundamentally they're sub-human. And they bite. And they carry fleas. And they wear dungarees and have crewcuts. What sort of fashion statement is that?

Let gays and lesbians raise human children? Strewth! We'll be giving prisioners in Guantamo Bay a fair trial next.

No. It's about time bigotry got the upper hand again. Isn't it enough that us common, decent folk allow them to be seen on our streets and in our libraries and stuff? Now they want equal status as well. Pah! The ungrateful minge dippers!

R.H. said...

You fool. It shits me to waste time on you. You're demanding kids be raised by gays, but what about the kids? Idiot.
What do they have a right to? Whispering? Gossip? Snide remarks as they grow up? Maybe you haven't raised kids. I have, and know their spitefulness; this is a hetero world you clown, nowhere is it considered normal for people of the same sex to be rooting one another -nowhere in the world. Understand? It's easy to say it should be otherwise, but it is not. That's the reality. And it's unlikely to change.
I judge people on character, that's all, and I don't think much of any gays who'd demand the right to raise kids knowing full well the problems they'd be lumbering them with. It's selfish. It's arrogant. It's downright ruthless.

And I'll tell you now Hughes, and I mean it sincerely: you are the most stupid boring bastard I've ever copped on this internet.

Others would tell you the same, except they feel sorry for you.
So did I.

Brian Hughes said...


Steady...that vein's starting to throb a bit violently there.

"...this is a hetero world you clown..."

And obviously you intend it to stay that way. Actually it's not a hetero's absolutely full of gays and lesbians and always has been. It's just that us heteros sometimes don't like to believe it.

"And I'll tell you now Hughes, and I mean it sincerely: you are the most stupid boring bastard I've ever copped on this internet."

Heh heh...high praise indeed.

R.H. said...

"high praise indeed"

Wooh, never heard that before.
I thought Gerald the Blue Mountains Foghorn was big on cliche.
Golly, he's a tin whistle compared to you.

R.H. said...

A fart in a thunderstorm.

ha ha ha.


R.H. said...

Hetero is the norm daddy.

Except in pommyland.

Brian Hughes said...

"Hetero is the norm daddy. Except in pommyland."

Beats countersinking sheep I suppose. Anyhow, I thought you didn't oppose homosexuality. Can't help wondering why you're using it as a term of insult now.

With reference to your earlier observations, bullies'll always pick on anyone they find a bit different. Snide remarks, gossip and whispering are going to continue until we string 'em up by their gonads instead of giving in to them.

On the other hand, you might have a point. Tell you what, let's have all intelligent kids shot, send foreigners back to their own countries and banish the disabled to specially designed prisons. Then the bullies won't have anyone to have a go at.

Except you, of course...

R.H. said...

You don't know what you're talking about.
ALL kids pick on one another, they sulk, they grizzle, they clique.
They're jealous, gossipy, vengeful, ganging up all the time.
You've just no idea of these little buggers. Lord of the Flies isn't fiction, it's reality. Reality TV, with all its cruelty, its humiliation, is a reprise, nothing more.

R.H. said...

If I never made a joke about homos they'd be right to distrust me.

Brian Hughes said...

"ALL kids pick on one another, they sulk, they grizzle, they clique."

Er...yes...that was point I was making, wasn't it?

When I was a kid, way back when dinosaurs roamed the planet, the common theme amongst bullies was to pick on the handful of children whose parents weren't married. (Another great weapon supplied by religious indoctrination.

Nowadays 'bastards' (in the literal sense of the word) are as common as Essex council estaters and nobody ostracises them any more.

The same applies to gay and lesbian parents. When they finally become the socially acceptable norm, the bullies'll move onto other targets. The point is, as a society, we have to move beyond the inherent bigotry created by our anachronistic churches.

And the only way to do that is to ignore their gobshite and go for it.

"You've just no idea of these little buggers."

You're right there. On my planet we were born as adults so I never experienced childhood.

R.H. said...

You didn't make that point at all. You didn't realise ALL kids are bullies. I had to tell you. If you'd ever raised kids you wouldn't need to be told. Your ignorance is astounding. Homophobia is as old as civilisation, and probably goes back even further. Your starry-eyed hope that it will one day vanish is about as likely as you ever saying anything witty.
Or original.
You clot.

Brian Hughes said...

Bobby Bellend (as no doubt the kids whsipered behind your back at school...not because you were a closet homosexual trying desperately to disguise the fact by writing 'Girls, Girls, Girls' a bit too emphatically under 'Interests' in his Internet profile, but because you were, in fact, a genuine, insufferable bellend.)

"If you'd ever raised kids you wouldn't need to be told."

I wasn't homophobic when I was I a kid. Then again, I wasn't one of your kids. Let's face it, any child raised by you is going to end up with a tarnished view on the world, regardless.

"Homophobia is as old as civilisation."

That's not true. A great many ancient civilisations not only condoned the practice but actively encouraged it.

All of which brings us back to that original argument (although I use the term 'argument' very loosely here in relation to the collection of ill-conceived and pathetic outbursts above, designed to cover up your confused sexuality), would a child be served best by being brought up by a broadminded gay/lesbian couple, or by someone like you?

I know which way the courts would probably decide...unfortunately. Which just goes to show that the World keeps on turning without ever getting anywhere, with most of its residents having their heads stuffed firmly up their own backsides and their vocal chords encrusted with shit.

Having said that, you amuse me Bobby the same way that a dead mouse amuses a cat.

R.H. said...

I've only ever been a closet Peeping Tom. Coming out is how I got caught.
But okay, you win, and thanks for putting me right.

Brian Hughes said...

No problem, Roberta. I look forward to our next dance together.

Unknown said...

Correct RH, you did not say that, but go on, you really don't have much time for gays or dykes. As my sister and her girlfriend are bringing up their daughter in a wonderful loving environment, I think it is far preferable that some of the skanky hos I see with kids. You just know how the kids are gonna turn out.

R.H. said...

Andrew, there's plenty of gays who oppose gay marriage, and parenting also. And there's people like me, indifferent to gays, but you've no tolerance for that. You want us marching, shouting support, anything less is homophobia. You demand support for gay marriage, and for parenting, with no room for disagreement. You compare bum heteros' raising kids to gays' wonderful home environment. Always wonderful. So tell me, are hetero mothers all skanks? Or the exception? Can non-gay parents provide provide a loving home environment, or is that exclusive to gays?

I've told you before, I judge by character, that's all.
I'm not sure what you do.

Tom. You are intellectually impaired.

And a stupid cunt.

Brian Hughes said...


I thought you'd gone. Ah least this gives me an opportunity to make a comparison between yourself and another old favourite of mine.

Back in the 1950s in Britain there was a post-war skills shortage which was amply filled by a sudden influx of Jamaicans. Naturally this led to an outcry of 'There goes the neighbourhood' by certain 'traditionalists'. From the mire of this anti-immigrant rumbling rose a man with a wizened pumpkin for a head called Enoch Powell.

According to Enoch he wasn't racist. He was just concerned that so many black people entering the country would result in trouble. And he was right. It did, for a time.

Fortunately, forty years down the line, the pockets of racism are now isolated and, whilst not something to be ignored, they're certainly of a nature that can generally be handled. In fact, ask most people today whether we should 'send the blacks back to their own country' and they'd say 'Don't be so bloody stupid'.

Apart from Enoch's supporters, of course, who still reckon he was right and still use his pathetic excuses (which were, in the end, just a blanket for his own racist views) to justify their own racism.

You're arguments about gay and lesbian couples raising children are remarkably similar to Enoch's racist remarks in many respects. You've nothing against gay and lesbian'll only cause trouble, won't it?

There's always a 'But'...possibly a 'Butt'...and it's usually on top of the neck of the person saying it.

Enoch, despite his protestations at the time, is now regarded as a full-on, narrow-minded racist. It's not hard to see why.

No doubt there will be bad gay parents just as there are bad hetrosexual parents. No doubt there'll be good ones on both sides. That's the point. Gay and lesbian couples are, in effect, just the same as hetrosexual couples and should be entitled to the same rights.

Unless you're a bigot.

Oh...and just because you're a voyeur doesn't mean you don't have gay tendancies. Some university somewhere a few years (can't remember which one off hand, it might have been Edinburgh, then again it might not, but if you hunt round on the web I'm sure it'll come up somewhere) conducted studies into sexuality and discovered that:

a. 90 per cent of women are bi sexual. (If not practising then certainly in their fantasies.)

b. Men are divided into three groups. Bisexual, gay and hetrosexual.

c. Of the men who acted in a homophobic manner and expressed a hatred of homosexuals, 100%, when tested, turned out to be closet gays.

d. Of the men who claimed to be hetrosexual but didn't express disgust at what homosexuals want to get up to, 100%, again when tested, turned out to be straight.

Odd results, but not very surprising.

Sociological attitudes can change. Unfortunately certain individuals in self-denial often can't.

Unknown said...

Nope, don't want you marching on my behalf, although tacit support would be nice. I think gay marriage is a load of tosh. I want partner recognition as straight people have when in a relationship. But if some gay or dyke tossers want to get married, then they should be allowed to. The world as we know it will not crumble.

Gay parenting is quite new. Wait a few years before the examples of bad gay parents come out. They will. No one said we are perfect.

I'd rather see a couple of chimps bring up a kid than some of the skanky hetro mothers I see about. Clearly a tiny minority of mothers, and I am not sure that they can even help themselves. They need help.

Enjoying this Copperwitch? It was only a one line post! Surprised you haven't shut it down.

R.H. said...

I've said nothing about gay parents doing a bad job of it. Why would I say that?
It's not good for the kids, that's what I said.

And Tom, sorry, after years of chasing women I'm too exhausted to become a homo.

Brian Hughes said...


You can chase as many 'women' as you like but it won't stop those late-night fantasies. As the bard, or whoever it was, once said, "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much."

It's cliche I might even be boring...and it was probably written by a 'cunt'...but it still rings true.

The Ballad of Bobbie Bellend.

It's hard to be gay in a sheep shearers' land,
Where the men are all macho and queers are banned,
So in private I'll dream about buggering puffs,
And in public pretend that I'm hetro and rough.
To be trendy I'll claim that I've nowt against gays,
Then condemn them in all sorts of whimsical ways,
But the truth is I'm bigoted, weedy and blunt,
I'm Roberta the Ozzie, a right boring cunt.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, no way would I shut this down, in fact I would like it archived by Pandora. Apart from the insults, Tom and Roberta have said exactly what is being thought out in the world and I'd like them to be stuffed and mounted in recognition of their erudite comments.

R.H. said...

Tom, if I've ever known a repressed homosexual, it's you.

Brian Hughes said...


And my dad's bigger than your dad.


Stuffed and mounted? That's one of Roberta's secret late-night fantasies, surely?

R.H. said...

Tom your failure to be interesting comes from forty years of wiping you arse on newspaper. I'd send you a phone book you crawling little pommy cunt but you'd use it all in one go.
Piss off to the Hebrides!- you snivelling snot-eating pommy tub of shit! Get the fare from the pimp that's been underpaying your mother for the past twenty years!

ha ha ha!


Brian Hughes said...


That purple vein in your forehead's really starting to throb now, isn't it? I can feel the heat suffusing across the internet and melting the icicles on my monitor.

Odd how you're behaviour on this board is remarkably similar to that usually reserved for playground bullies; no real constructive arguments, just offensive, immature and abusive outbursts.

It's also interesting that those self same bullies are the ones you'd rather defend instead of decent gay and lesbian couples. You're a bit of a coward really, aren't you? Just like most bullies are.

Let's face it Bobbie, the day you jump off that cliff will be the day the world takes a tiny step closer towards egalitarianism.

I suggest you go and have a wank (using material of your own, private sexual preference, of course) before your temple bursts.

R.H. said...

ha ha ha. Get fucked!- you pox-tongued cock-fiddling old moll's message boy! You wouldn't make five bob during a blackout you fucking old DRAG! Get some plastic surgery, if I had a face like yours I'd walk backwards and if I've ever fucked a pommy shelia I'm truly sorry.

R.H. said...

The vein in your forehead's your entire fucking brain you old albino cuntface!

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

RH, you keep banging on about gay parenting not being good for the kids.

Spoken to any of these kids lately?

Nope. Didn't think so.

Maybe you should shut up and go have a few conversations with the ACTUAL children of gays and lesbians.

Brian Hughes said...


Aw, diddums. Did the big boy upset baby Bobbikins and make him cry? Well that's what happens when you go round bullying people, you see. Now run off home, bad baby Bellend, and make sure you change your nappy before you play out again, otherwise the other boys might called you Pooh Bob. And keep an eye on that vein before it bursts.

Heh heh...

Brian Hughes said...

Oh yes...and before I forget...

"...if I've ever fucked a pommy shelia I'm truly sorry."

Not half as sorry as she is, I bet.

R.H. said...

For anyone who's interested the best I can say in defending myself against ridiculous accusations of being a homosexual hater is there's a homosexual employee at Altona bingo who has formed a friendship with my daughter who has visited him and his boyfriend at their flat in Yarraville and I think nothing of it except to admire her worldliness.

And that's it, I'll leave you to it.
Just be careful who you accept; idiot supporters do you more harm than people opposing you.

Brian Hughes said...

"idiot supporters do you more harm than people opposing you."

And people who pretend to be pro-equality when they're really homophobic (it's a matter of opinion), xenophobic (see previous comments by Roberta) and misogynistic (see also previous comments by Bobby Bellend) are the biggest problem facing social progression today.

Let's face it Bobby, for somebody who professes 'not to suffer fools gladly' you've certainly put yourself across as a bigoted tit.

On a more serious note, let's just stop all this 'Gay parents spell trouble' bullshit and drop all the pretences. It was a stupid thing to say, even as a flippant remark. Somewhere deep inside I'm sure you didn't mean it. At least, I really hope you didn't.

R.H. said...

I can't let this go. You're telling lies. Read my actual comment -under 'Halfway To Heaven' second post below. Because I do indeed love fools: the genuinely eccentric; but you Hughes, are of no interest to me whatsoever.
I've been a very long time on this gay-friendly blog -and with only one other disagreement -which was to do with the same thing. I judge by character, that's all, and get tired of saying it. But hysteria seems anxious to misrepresent me, and from motives which have nothing to do with this issue at all. I have never said "Gay parents spell trouble". I said it will mean trouble for the kids, because anyone with sense must realise the derision these little martyrs will cop.

"Homosexuals can walk straight into heaven, hypocrites cannot."

-I've said that too -right here, to my old mate CL.

"ciao baby let's call it a day
ciao baby go ahead and throw my blog away."

And that's Lyn Randall.

(With RH)

R.H. said...

(Darlings, I think he really means it this time)

Brian Hughes said...

"...but you Hughes, are of no interest to me whatsoever."

I can see that by the way you don't keep rising to the bait.

"I said it will mean trouble for the kids."

And Enoch Powell (see somewhere above) claimed he "...wasn't racist but that the presence of black people in Britain would mean trouble because the white people wouldn't like it."

I'm actually trying to make a genuine point here, Robert, leaving aside all the insults towards my mother and other such nonsenses (which, incidentally, my lawyers are currently working on).

Your argument that gay and lesbian couples shouldn't raise children because the other kids will mock them at school, just doesn't hold water. In effect you're saying that some people shouldn't be given equal rights because certain other people are prejudiced. What sort of argument is that? Surely even you with your blinkered vision can see the inherant bigotry in that statement.

I notice, incidentally, that you still haven't answered Kelly and Sam's question yet. That's probably because you're now just defending your original statement regardless of how obviously narrow-minded it was.

Anyhow, this argument's starting to run around in circles now like a headless chicken. Even a cat gets bored of a dead mouse after a while, and some people will never see reason even if it leaps up and bites them on the arse...or in your case kisses you gently on your right buttock.

Brian Hughes said...

"I've only ever been a closet Peeping Tom. Coming out is how I got caught."

Terrible how some people are willing to martyr their own kids, isn't it? I wonder how much bullying your daughter suffered because of your own sexual indiscretions. (Always assuming the 'Peeping Tom' epsiode isn't just another of your weasly little attempts at humour, of course...and also assuming that you actually somehow managed to sire a daughter in the first place.)

I'm surprised you didn't have her adopted to save her the embarassment.

"Homosexuals can walk straight into heaven, hypocrites cannot."

See previous paragraph. Then try following up on Kelly and Sam's question to find out the views of all these allegedly martyred children. After which I suggest you stop reading Rupert Murdoch's fascist little rags and develop an opinion of your own instead of reiterating tired old prejudices thinly disguised as 'but think of the children'.

R.H. said...

peek-a-boo you paedophile runt, a check on your computer will confirm it. fuck you and fuck your lawyers, and fuck your old moll mother too who brought a half brain kid tamperer into this world. Say it all now, you wallpaper insect, it'll be hard to talk when you're missing your head.

R.H. said...

oooooooh have I gone too far?

Will creepie-kins run to the law?

ha ha ha!

I hope so.

Brian Hughes said...


I take it you've run out of any sort of reasoned argument then? Not that you actually had any to start with, but I've noticed that when you find yourself backed into a corner, rather than justify your bigoted comments, you just revert to flimsy insults and nasty little threats. Typical bully really.

Is it throbbing good and hard now Bobbie? And is that pit you're digging for yourself deep enough to drown in yet?

By the way, you still haven't answered Kelly and Sam's question yet.

To be honest, after the build up you've been giving yourself all these months ("I'm so witty", "I don't suffer fools gladly", "Look at me everyone...aren't I great and clever?") I was hoping for a bit more sport. Unfortunately you've turned out to be a total washout.

R.H. said...

"bigot bigot bigot. bully bully bully."
"Nasty little threats."


Well right. That's it! I'm really going!

Goodbye you scum, rabble, bourgeois class of magistrate spawn, sitting up there in your oak-walled palace -nice dress and parker pen (How's things at the club today?) ticking off poverty to the boob- then skipping home to roast lunch.
Goodbye you bums, parasites, government pen pushers, holders of shit degrees from cardboard universities: social workers school teachers community service mongrels "I think I'll have focaccia thanks Naidoo, and how are you today..." if you ever missed a feed in your lives, if you ever had to beg for anything, if you ever saw sunlight through three bars in a window -you'd be human, you scum. I've never weakened, crawled, done the Brunswick Street thing you zeros. I've never been terrified. Never at all. That's an achievement. The only one. I've never posed, spoken your language, worshipped the Eiffel Tower you zombies.
You rush, hurry, come down the escalator, kicking over the plastic manger to get at the saucepans. You're mean, pathetic-Tell The Truth- fretting, worrying: paying half a million for a backyard dunny, or a dogbox in the sky. You go to and fro, no love between you, thirty per cent off and fifty years to pay. Bank interest. Finance. The Rodent. Kevin Rudd. Economic management, hoisted in a coffin. Shares. Investment. Property portfolio, reduce your mortgage -live twice. Run. Go to Gym. Get buried in LYCRA you dummy, stay fashionable, up-to-date, the most with it bastard who ever died.

R.H. said...

Goodness. That's rather harsh.

Merry Christmas darlings, and ignore any font over twelve.


Brian Hughes said...

Still pathetically trying to distract us with your bile-filled, rabid bleating, so that you don't have to answer those important questions, eh?

In that case I might as well leave you to gibber away to yourself on the naughty stool and let the jury decide the validity of your original statement. (Working on the assumption, of course, that anybody's managed to suffer this interminable crap the full distance.)

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

And still, our question goes unanswered...

Ho Hum...

R.H. said...

Women crave attention, gay or not.

I've been to David Jones. Got a gift voucher: two hundred dollars. For a woman, very attractive, most tremendous big pair of tits.
The voucher won't last long, the tits are forever. She knows it.
I creep up behind her, grab two big handfulls; Hey, she says, what's that?
"Chapter six," I tell her, "Read my book, Techniques of Romance."

Oh come all ye faithful
Joyful and triumphant
Oh come ye, oh come ye
To David Jones.

Come and behold him
Born the king of everything.
Oh come let us adore him
Our credit cards are for him
We never could ignore him
David Jones.

Loving you.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Yes, but RH, there's 'good' attention and 'bad' attention. I don't crave the latter (gay or not).

R.H. said...

Which one are you, Kelly or Sam?

Brian Hughes said...

Still no answer, Bobby? Still procrastinating?

How about a response to the accusation then that you, as a self-confessed convicted sex pervert and father, are entitled to pass judgement on non-criminal gay and lesbians couples rearing children?

Just asking, you understand, because you appear to have forgotten both questions. Presumably you're hoping that everyone else will do too.

R.H. said...

Convicted of what? Being a SEX PERVERT?
Are you having a nervous breakdown or what?
Golly, you've no idea how I've laughed at this, first time you've been funny.
So what was I convicted of exactly? And what was the sentence?
Come on, details please.

(Maybe I was sleepwalking)

R.H. said...

Customers, I'll tell you what, the entire thread is worth the laugh Tom's handed me with this one.

Poor old bugger.

Brian Hughes said...


So you were lying when you said that you were caught being a Peeping Tom then? Or possibly it just meant to be an amusing statement? It's difficult to tell with you. You're jokes are about as funny as discovering a cancerous tumour growing on your neck...although in your case that would be quite amusing.

My apologies for the misunderstanding. At least it's ended the cowardly stonewalling. I take it you're not a peeping Tom then and that your daughter has absolutely no reason to be ashamed of her father being a nasty little lecherous skank?

So, when are you going to answer Kelly and Sam's question? Or would you like me to repeat it for you in big, easy-to-understand letters?


Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Not sure what difference it makes to you answering my question, but I'm Kelly.

R.H. said...

Lord Poodle Dog Hughes,
Sillycunt Street,
Dear sir, pardon me, but everyone knows the Peeping Tom bit was a joke -except for you, YOUR MOST GRACIOUS STUPID CUNT ROYAL HIGHNESS SHITBRAIN.
And look meathead, I don't converse with stranger's kids at all, but I'm sure you've approached plenty.

What a creep. And hey, I don't suffer fools gladly? I said that?
Lying cunt. I've never said that. Why would I say that? I'm talking to you aren't I?

Poodle Dog. You. What a dimwit. Your brain needs a wheelchair.

You're a disgrace. Total idiot. Insult to human intelligence. That's all. You're a stinko, an embarrassment, wino with his cock out.

Get yourself up. Go out. Do something, you dull bastard. Poke your head up your arse and call a taxi.

Brian Hughes said...


I'm an archaeologist. I'm out doing something almost every day. You on the other hand just skulk pathetically around the back of the internet, hiding in shadows, wanking your ego off at your own deluded ignorance. You haven't even got the bottle to admit to who you are or, indeed, what you are, true to the nature of every pervy, friendless loser.

You can scream and shout and hurl abuse around like a naughty toddler as much as you like, but you have made references to your 'Peeping Tom' activities several times on this board already, and there's no smoke without fire, eh? Let's face it, you are just a sickening, dirty little twat in reality, but you lie constantly to cover up your disgusting nature, worming and wriggling your way out of answering genuine questions.

There's a difference between being a 'Peeping Tom' and being homosexual, of course. Gay and lesbian couples (especially those who want to rear children) have proper consenting relationships, whereas you, Bobbie Bellend, as a Peeping Tom, don't. You just violate women without their consent. You're nothing more than a coward's version of a rapist really.

Your daughter must be so proud having a father who's a wormy, slimy, bullying, bigoted, mental rapist. And you have the audacity to criticise gay and lesbian couples who just want to raise their children as best they can.

Still...thanks for reminding me that I have a life beyond this increasingly dull and repetative discourse. It's so easy to get sucked into your foul, depressing, skanky little world. There's books to write. Excavations to plan. Friends to meet. (Yes...I said 'friends' Bobby Bellend...those mythical creatures that the rest of us don't have to invent.)

Seeing as no amount of argument or debate will ever make a blind bit of difference with someone like you (and there are such a lot of tiny, tit-arse, self-congratulatory little skanks like you out there, I'm afraid) then, this time, I am going to leave you to stew in your own bile. It's your life...or lack of it... last point, however. Are you ever going to answer Kelly and Sam's question or not?

(Dirty, dirty little rapist...)

Brian Hughes said... mistake again. You did answer Kelly and Sam's question after all. Unfortunately the answer was so typically wormy and evasive that I skimmed right across it:

"And look meathead, I don't converse with stranger's kids at all, but I'm sure you've approached plenty."

Well there you go. You never have asked what the kids of gay and lesbian parents think. You're just full of your own self-important shit that you think you know best.

You really ought to shut the fuck up, Bobby Skankpants, until you know what you're ranting about, you loathesome little tosspot. Just like you father, eh? Brutal, nasty, loud mouthed, dirty and pathetic.

Time to get back to my excellent life, and leave you to what remains of yours.

R.H. said...

Jingle Bells at Northcote Plaza today as I'm introduced to Mr Mad Geoff W's girlfriend (mind you, he says it's his girlfriend, but I'm not sure she knows about it herself).
She is a plump dark haired little woman with two teeth missing on the bottom, and the top deck not too flash as well (the trouble also being that she smiles a lot). Still, it was sweet seeing them there together as we shared a table in latte High Street -the spell being broken just a little I guess, when as the bruschetta arrived at our table she purred, "What's this shit! Bugger off!- I'm not eating wog food!"

Jingle bells Jingle bells
Last big chance
Everything reduced
Silent night Holy night
If it's on the floor
It's out the door
Away in a manger
No crib for a bed
And 20% off innersprings
At Captain Snooze.


R.H. said...

Well I figure that was a knockout blow: my second last comment.

And goodness me....have a go at homos and you're a homo yourself.



You'll have to do better than that.