Saturday, May 03, 2008


Dr Susan K. Avery is the first atmospheric scientist and woman to lead the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in its 78 year history.

She is an atmospheric physicist and her research interests include studies of atmospheric circulation and precipitation, climate variability, water resources and the development of new radar techniques and instruments for remote sensing.

She earned her doctorate in 1978 and has been on field expeditions in Greenland, Antarctica and Australia but only on land so she's looking forward to her first expedition aboard a research vessel sometime this year.

"Understanding the ocean has never been more important to society," she said. "We depend on it for food supplies, minerals, energy resources, shipping, and recreation. It is host to diverse ecosystems and is tightly coupled to our climate and weather."


Well, Roberto Cavalli has designed this pair of gem embellished sandals for a mere $1.449.00
And Christian Louboutin designed these shoe boots for the tiny price of $877.00

Woman - 1. Men - 0.
We will rule the world and do it in comfy shoes.


Middle Child said...

of course... it all makes perfet sense

Middle Child said...

I meant PERFECT...get it together MC!!

lucy tartan said...

Awesome post.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Bring me women in comfy shoes and thongs and I will worship at their tootsies.

Brian Hughes said...

"Dr Susan K. Avery is the first atmospheric scientist"

There's nowt like an atmospheric scientist, I always say. She emerges from the mist each morning, bathed in light against the pastel landscape with the chill of autumnal expectation hanging on the tissue paper air.

Link said...

She is an atmospheric physicist

Absolute music to this Aquarian feminist's ears. I only wish I'd heard of such an occupation when I was having to answer the 'what are you going to do when you grow up' question. Although I somehow suspect that in those days it would have been met with a patriarchal sneer from everyone. But it would have been the perfect lofty GFYS, retort. I always hated being asked 'what was I going to do'. What insolence! How the fuck should I know. Go away.

And what is it with men and high heels? Is it something along the lines of binding Chinese women's feet to keep them tiny? What ever for? No, don't answer that, I can imagine.

JahTeh said...

Therese, how about this for a plan, when we rule, cats and dogs will be our co-rulers and we'll keep the men as pets.

Thank you Laura, I fled from these shoes over to the Campers shop. I mean even ballet flats are hard to wear, there's a reason ballet dancers tie the things on.

M'Lord, Aussie thongs or American thongs? A world of difference in the meaning for the overly geriatric worshipper.

'Autumnal expectation' Fleetwood, why do I think you've found a stash of 1000 year old Medieaval Mead? Send a case to Lord Sedgwick, it will help with the worshipping.

I'm with you there Caroline. I said I wanted to be a geologist and I can still hear the teachers laughing then telling me to stick to typing. I'd have probably fallen over a cliff anyhow but it still rankles that I wasn't given a chance.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Aussie thongs or American thongs?"

Both - I'm nothing if not indiscriminate and easily pleased.

Simple minds need simple pleasures. (Though I do draw the line, unlike some politicians apparently, at running the ole olefactories over recently vacated chairs.)

Jayne said...

But men make such messy pets...let them be free to forage for themselves in the forest :P

JahTeh said...

Dear Sedgwick, Aussies wear thongs on their feet, in other places thongs mean skimpy little bits of uncomfortable lingerie. Of course if you have a rubber fetish you haven't shared with us, well we won't tell anyone.

Jayne, think of the damage they'd do to the ecosystem. We'd better cage them in zoos.

Brian Hughes said...

"Though I do draw the line..." (Lord Sedgwick discussing thongs.)

Thinking back to the wartime habit of women creating makeshift 'stockings' with gravy browning and eye liner, sounds like you've landed yourself an interesting job there Sedgers.

BwcaBrownie said...

It is very important to not confuse a thong with a flip-flop ... when dressing.

It could cause you to walk peculiarly.

Like those Louboutins would, only for less money.

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, do not encourage him.

Bwca, everywhere I went on that site the shoes were monstrous. Men fashion designers secretly hate women because most of them are fugly and short. Galliano is about 2'4", just the right height to kick the crap out of him with the Louboutins.