Saturday, May 03, 2008


The rodent made an appearance at 9.55pm.

It came out of the bottom of the space heater which was on.

It had a quick shufti around.

Spotted me and run back up the space heater.

Apparently it has flame retardant fur.

And no Bwca, I didn't see the whites of its ears.

I refuse to put a trap in the middle of my lounge room.

It'll probably die of hunger. Damn, I hate moral dilemmas.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why the rat ran back into the heater after it saw you. As a not so older person, you are not unattractive. Perhaps the rat thought you were too highly educated. It must have been a bloke rat threatened by a an educated person.

Brian Hughes said...

"I saw a mouse."
"There on the stair."
"Where on the stair?"
"Right there...where the little pool of blood lies, covered in giblets, going drip, dribbly, drop, on the stairs."

JahTeh said...

Andrew, if it ever gets to 'Willard' size, I won't have to worry as it wouldn't be able to crawl out. If it's living on cockroaches I'd be happy.

Fleetwood, I have a feeling that you wouldn't have to train very hard to become a serial killer.

BwcaBrownie said...

Andrew? it's not a 'rat' - it's a filigree hamster.

1. It's NOT "going to die of hunger"

2. It's NOT the only one.

3. It's possible that it is one of the
167 native-Australian rodents.

4. It's not the one of those called john winston howard though.

5. It's not going to nick your lunch.
Allow yourself a David Attenborough moment.

JahTeh said...

Bloody filigree hamster my fat acre/hectare. WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT THE ONLY ONE? I'm celebrating eight years of getting a rat out of my bed and now I have to deal with filigree hamsters!

Come to think of it, anyone seen J.W.H. anywhere lately?

Ann ODyne said...

"anyone seen jwh" ?

NOBODY is actually looking for him.

Jayne said...

What would like us to do with the JWH rat when we find him?
I have a vegie patch that's handy for hiding the bodies, just byo shovel.... :P

River said...

Make a pet out of it. Teach it to come to your hand and eat crackers with peanut butter. when it is truly comfortable in your presence to the point of settling down to watch tv with you, wait until it takes a nap, then whack it with a shovel. That'll teach the bugger to invade your space.........

JahTeh said...

River, are you psychic? I had that very plan in motion but the Blight of my Life left me for the Blonde just in time.

Bwca and Jayne, no kidding, has anyone seen the little beast anywhere lately? I mean, no power walking, radio interviews, head up GW's bum, it's spooky almost X-Files material. Was he ever really here? Was he an alien? He never seemed human.

Jayne said...

I did smell something nasty in my compost heap the other day, Jahteh....