Saturday, November 01, 2008


It was a great night but I nearly didn't make it. Damn I need to diet. That costume fitted where it touched and it wasn't touching much. That's not a thong I'm wearing they're full size cottontails disappearing into those buns. But I had great hair.

Sedgwick was into the fun and came in costume but got overexcited and made a perfect beast of himself. Thank the Goddess for Hot Andrew who is a whizz with ropes and knots (we never ask and he won't tell) and had him under control in no time or the party could have been over before it started.

Our lovelyAnnie O'Dyne came armed for bear but those weapons were nearly needed for bigger prey, with wings. Aren't her tatts just the most? Eat your heart out Angelina.

Lord Hughes came as the Eagle of the Ninth Legion but just couldn't keep his talons to himself. The lovelyBella gave him a swift knee to the tail feathers and he was banished to sit amongst the pumpkins with the still rampaging Sedgwick.

While the drama went on overhead, Caroline rode in on Luke, also in costume as a battle horse.

Perhaps I should have specified 'no pets' on the invitations but Jayne had her friend from the garden club under strict control having fed him several trick or treaters before she left home.

And a glow of starlight from the west brought the Muriels in to party. Fortunately Lord Hughes was still fighting with Lord Sedgwick in the pumpkins so they were able to land without problems.

A zephyr from the north brought our Middle Child and a fairy friend for company.

A swirl around our ankles and River flowed by in a costume of strategically placed lotus blossoms.

We all felt a tremor in the force so knew Robbbert had arrived in his usual guise as the invisible man but Middle Child's fairy scattered glitter to the wind in the trees and we caught a glimpse of our mystery guest.

Davo sent his apologies. He's spending Halloween sailing the Cape of Storms with The Flying Dutchman.

Phil is in a car with no brakes and racing to beat the Devil.

I have to go and lie down now. Somebody has taken my head in exchange for a pumpkin which is lying heavily on my shoulders. I'm surprised we have any pumpkins left. The mess an eagle and a beast can make while whooping it up is unbelievable. You're all invited to Halloween next year, leave the pets at home.


Jayne said...

Love the costumes!
The pets, well, they're something else again....
Hope you had as much fun as I did last night, J, twas an enjoyable time ;)

BwcaBrownie said...

All Hallows E'en
Has come and been.
Witchy's turn was the best we've seen.

Well! Did you evah? !!

Brian Hughes said...

That wasn't me in the eagle costume. I was at home with all the lights turned off so that the little bastards wouldn't know I was in. (Santa might welch on his threats, but I don't.) I've no idea who the birdman was, but it's hardly surprising Bella's got a bad back under the circumstances.

Link said...

Rh is a tree monster? Am I allowed to say Rh here?


Ann ODyne said...

oo-la-la-la. C'est magnifique,
we've 'kicked on'
and we'll be back next week ...

Well! did you evah?
What a swell party it's been.

(PS Cole was legless by the end of it)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms CopperWitch
Thank you so much for inviting me to your fabulous parteh.
The highlight for me was when Eagle-eyed Hughsie ate that poisonous spider Miss Jayne brought with her and Brownie did CPR mouth-to-beak and called the RSPCA. How unfortunate that we were in a forest which caused the EPA and DNRE to also attend, because I hated seeing them lead Luke away in hoof-cuffs charged with eating Miss Rivers lotus flowers (how would he have known they were an endangered species).
Some of us went to the jail to bail-out the horse of course, and a second party kicked-on there.
So long and thanks for all the fish, RH

JahTeh said...

Jayne, that big black spot at the end of the post belongs to our hangovers.

Good likeness for a bwca.

Fleetwood, how can you say it wasn't you? Look at the elegance, the nobility of the bird and .....the beak.

Let me look into the crystal ball and see if that is the real RH or a zombie replacement? The ball is cloudy and unclear, perhaps it's been hacked.

Caroline, he's a will'o the wisp, a dream, a nightmare and quite possibly a tree monster.

River said...

It WAS a great party wasn't it? Got your normal head back yet? The pictures are great. I'm glad my lotus blossoms stayed where they were put.........
Loved Jayne settling her pet with a couple of trick or treaters.

Anonymous said...

I hate parties, but I suppose yours was ok. I can't believe what you did during your brief show stopper. Like if you were twenty or so, but at your age and to be so flexible!!! Well, at least we know you really are red head and it was only a pumpkin, not a living creature.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

How brilliant!! And how kind you are to pick such saucy pics for us! If ONLY we looked like that!!!

phil said...

Umm. Yes. Must have missed the bit where you're supposed to turn. Looks spiffing, but.

JahTeh said...

River, it's a good thing we had the beasts under control. The waterlilies would have had no chance with them.

Andrew, thank you for assistance when I accidentally tied myself in a knot. Such flexible phlanges for a man.

Muriels, we all look like this but only on Halloween.

Phil, You live! I knew your driving would be bad enough to beat the devil.

Oi, Cameraface, word verification says 'suntan' and you had a ripper.

Anonymous said...

My tanline was pretty good. I make an effort. This word verification is baryster. Coffee or lawsuit?

JahTeh said...

Coffee I would say and I meant phalanges. Damn hangover.

Middle Child said...

Wow...that was amazing... i was just reading good to know you folk.

JahTeh said...

Therese, I thought this was just you.