Friday, December 19, 2008


I have almost recovered. I arrived at Southland yesterday at 9.17 and got home at 2.58. I had no feet that I could feel, shoes full of pain but there were the bins to drag in and groceries to put away.

I did everything on the 23 point list I carried around like the codes to an ICBM pre-emptive strike. This included Hoover bags for mother and Sister's present for mother because she's still not talking to her but probably will by Christmas Day so would I please pick up the DVD.

No complaints about the one off payment for pensioners. I checked all my receipts and totalled the gst and the government's getting a fair whack back.

After having a good run with supertrolley at the last shop, I got to battle with its cousin renegadetrolley. I stopped halfway between the two halves of S/land to have coffee and while I was paying, my trolley disappeared. To say I was stunned doesn't begin to say how I felt. I had my purse but everything else was in there. The man said there was no one behind me so what happened? One look at the lady coming round the corner from the car park was enough. I asked if she'd seen a trolley, she pointed "That way". It had trundled down a slope in the floor, round a corner nearly wiping her out and was half way out to a loading bay when I caught up with it.

It was fine on slopes but try moving it on carpet. It wasn't my fault I knocked down several displays in JB HiFi. Trolleys, prams, people and stocked up aisles do not go well. It was an accidental knock down in Harris Scarfe as well. It was all the fault with Big W who put the fat lady knickers and bras on the bottom hooks in a very narrow spot. I bent to grab knickers, she bent to grab bras and we hit bum to bum and knocked everything flying. We apologised, she looked for my bras, I looked for her knickers and we both called Big W appropriate names.

I was extremely careful in the bottle shop though, I left the beast near the register, well away from the precious Bombay.

And after all that time, I forgot to buy the Christmas chocolates.


River said...

You forgot to buy the christmas chocoloates?? But weren't they number one on your list? *SIGH* You'll just have to go back out and get them. Now. Before they're all sold out. (just kidding. Rest your feet and go tomorrow)

R.H. said...

Miss J you are a very funny lady.

JahTeh said...

River, the Christmas Gin was first on the list then diet tonic water then chocolates. It's better if I go back Monday, it's closer to the day and I won't be tempted.

Rh, have you polished the reindeers and wrapped my present? Anything will do as long as he's breathing.

Anonymous said...

You in pursuit of a runaway trolley gives me a marvellous mental picture. Could Sedgers do a cartoon?

JahTeh said...

Damn it Andrew, you know he's going to do something absolutely vile on his blog side bar. Like he needs ideas put into his brain.

Shelley said...

I bought my Christmas chocolates. They are temptingly close. So much better to wait until Christmas eve to do the buying.

R.H. said...

I'd send you a Daffy Duck from my vast collection of novelty ties, but you are too independant, marching alone now, to take it.

Still, you are a tonic, as they say.

A joy, all the same.

Middle Child said...

Forgot the god...

wish I had seen all of the action!

Kath Lockett said...

WHAT? I'm with River - how could you FORGET to buy christmas CHOCOLATES!

JahTeh said...

Nails, I've bought not Ferrero Rocher chocs but the Garden Ferrero and it's sticky taped up so much it'll be New Year before I get into it.

Robbert, the ties that bind, our love of Daffy Duck.

Therese, I wish I could have seen my face, it must have been priceless. I can't believe the thing took off so fast and went round a corner without touching a wall.

Kath, I couldn't find any Almond Rocca but I did find the Garden Rocher and remembered your review so I have those.

R.H. said...

I've got about three hundred novelty ties. Most are cartoon characters (including several Daffy Ducks), but there's other themes as well: gambling, music, sporting activities and so on. Right now I'm wearing my Marilyn Monroe, just to type this.
It's my favourite, the last I'd ever part with.

-Mad Robert.

I offered you a Daffy once before, and you got worried. Did you think my motives were dishonourable? ha ha. I might send you one anyway, via Miss Brownie.
She is dishevelled, but not dishonourable.