Wednesday, December 17, 2008


But the Hoover stood tall and strong.

It's still there, in the hallway. I've walked over it, tripped over it, moved it sideways but haven't used it.

Yesterday it was material and today I was sidetracked when looking for an envelope. Paper, luscious paper, hiding in the bottom drawer of the desk and I haven't been in there for ages. Basildon Bond in cream and white. Odds and ends picked up in sales, computer note paper, star spangled A4 thick card, embossed ivory A4 card and down in the dungeon, gold tissue lined cream envelopes.

I had to tidy them up. Good paper should be looked after and played with and drooled over and touched. Envelopes of all sizes and not the cheap rubbish, thick and solid, just waiting for a real pen with real ink. I have the right stamps, pink roses. The Post Office had nearly sold out but I snaffled the last book of pale pink roses in a gold heart stamps. I haven't used any yet, I was waiting for the right envelope.

After the paper was tidy, it was the turn of my ever growing pencil collection. I can throw out a ball point with no hesitation but a pencil will have to be worn to the nub before I admit defeat.
I think I might have an addiction. I have 76 pencils. Of all different hardness including white charcoal. Half aren't sharpened but the others looked a little blunt. Who would have thought that an hour could pass so pleasantly when wielding a sharp blade? You can keep your shiny kitchen floor, nothing beats a handful of nicely sharpened pencils for admiration.

We didn't have much money when I was a child and there was never any for coloured pencils so if my mother missed me when she shopped, I was easy to find in front of any pencil and paper counter. I lusted after the Derwent box. I finally bought my own about 20 years ago.

I can't draw for nuts. I can colour. My colour sense is great, my drawing sucks. When I want to paint on the jars and tins for the pantry, I iron on an embroidery transfer. Umm, shouldna tol ya that. I haven't been near the paint box, I did that last Christmas but I have painted a tin tray that was a wedding present to my mother-in-law. It's Brunswick green with gold leaf on the handles and gold leaf swirls around the edge. I'd put more on but the gold leaf paint is doing a bit of damage to the lungs, that and the glue. I'm up to painting the weetbix tin in peach. How anyone could eat weetbix out of an orange and black tin is beyond me. So it's peach and I'm using ceramic transfers as a border and painting 'weetbix' in a flowery oval.

I've been into every cupboard in this house except the pantry, that's a two week job especially the part where I have to throw out glass jars. Going in there means washing stuff, boring.

The linen cupboard gets the works on Friday because tomorrow I pick up my new towells and new sheets. I love layby.

And the Hoover still stands tall and strong.


Ann ODyne said...

well Good On You ... I always thought it was 'The Hoover Dam' but now I realise it's
Damn The Hoover

JahTeh said...

Bloody woman, you have more nom-de-plumes than a forger.

About that chocolate ripple cake in the freezer, it isn't any more, I eated it. Delicious, really nice and my bum does look big in it.

River said...

And again with the similarities. Stationery? Love it. I live across the road from Officeworks and spend many happy times wandering the aisles. (and buying stuff).
The tidying of the stationery? Oh yes.
Basildon Bond? I bought some years ago, (heh, last century) and it's so lovely I haven't been able to bring myself to use up the last few pieces.
Pencils? Not so much, for me it's ballpoints. I collect interesting looking ones, such as the one with smiley faces on a black background, when they run dry I buy refills so I can keep using them.
Derwents. Of course. They're the best. I never did own more than the standard 24 box set.
I also have the orange and black weet-bix tin. It's on the bottom shelf of the bookcase, filled with bus time-tables.
When you're ready to clean out the pantry, give me a call. I LOVE washing jars and stuff. Making things shiny is a real thrill for me.
Layby is the very best way to buy stuff. Small manageable payments, no interest rates, the anticipation, finally bringing the goods home, unpacking them, it's just like christmas!
If I ever make it to your city, we are definitely getting together for a coffee and a vanilla slice!

JahTeh said...

River, not ballpoints but fountain pens. I stand outside the pen shop and drool all over the windows.
Harris Scarfe is the best for linen and no deposit layby. Big W used to be fine but now they insist on layby being over $50, ridiculous and their linen is crappy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is Ann. The stamps sound nice. Can you use one on my christmas card that you clearly have not sent yet.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, use my precious stamps and the pale pink matching envelopes I later found, you jest. They're mine mine mine and what Christmas card? If I send you a card then you'll have to give me your address and then Annie O and I will have no trouble tracking you down for drinks in the New Year. A cunning plan, no?

R.H. said...

Every woman should have a hobby, housework is best, but anything at all that saves a bloke money or maybe cuts down the nagging is okay.

Well done, keep going.

Jayne said...

I get distracted by the scrapbooking paper and stuffs these days...pretttttttty ;)

R.H. said...
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antikva said...

I love dip pens, especially one's with honking huge feathers. I made a few a couple of years ago except bird flu struck and I couldn't even give them away.

Hang hats or jewellery off the Hoover. It's then artwork and useful at the same time but doesn't nag you to use it.

R.H. said...
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R.H. said...
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JahTeh said...

Jayne, I have to drag myself past anything to do with paper. I've been ruthless in throwing out boxes of cutouts that weren't going to be used but I've kept the pictures for that decoupage screen I might do one day.

Rh, I have hobbies and none of them saves money.

Antikva, I have my original dip pen from primary school (hoarder much?) but it's the only one that writes the gold ink perfectly.
I think the Hoover's starting to get pissed, I'm sure the hose had a nip at my ankle this afternoon.

Still on your hobby horse, Robbert?
It's unfortunate that his mother relied on the police to do something with the boy when she tried to control him and couldn't. It will all be revealed at the enquiry and with all the publicity, nothing will be hidden.

R.H. said...

I can't figure why I get so interested in these things, I don't think I really am.

Middle Child said...

I know what you mean about derwent...I lusted for colour pencils and paints...I keep mine in a drawer under the coffee table so when i am in my cups i pull it out and draw and colour...for pleasure...nothing else.

JahTeh said...

Therese, a woman after my own heart but at least you can draw. I'm still colouring in my book of Brambley Hedge pictures.