Saturday, February 14, 2009


The nightmare still continues even without the flames.
People were taken back to Marysville in buses today to see the destruction of their town.

I wonder if ASIO has taken this on board. That a terrorist cell doesn't need explosives, bullets or germ warfare to destroy this country, just a box of matches.


Brian Hughes said...

"...just a box of matches."

And a council estate mentality.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"...just a box of matches."


Mmmmm ... who do we know that fits that description?

(Sorry, tasteless maybe ... but you know I can't resist.)

Anonymous said...

Had not occurred to me, but good point. Think of all the places they could set fire to when a hot northerly is blowing. I hate to say, but the Blue Mountains is well overdue a good blaze.

Jayne said...

Scary when it comes down to such a simple thing.

River said...

It must be so hard to go back to where your house was and see nothing but a pile of burnt rubble. There'll be plenty of fresh tears on this occasion.

JahTeh said...

River, I'm a terrible sook and I've done nothing but tear up for the past week.

Jayne, the simplest things are often the most effective. Everyone hears about a big bank robbery while a shifty New York stock broker is moving billions off shore.

Andrew, I'm more concerned that the Dandenongs haven't gone up for a long time.

MiLord, I'm a blaze just waiting to be lit.

Fleetwood, still sitting in your snow covered cottage? We'll send some flame, we have plenty to spare.

Middle Child said...

Someone sent me an article about this published in the Melbourne was just too bloody odd how windows imploded and rooves blew off before the flames got close..Andrew mentioned the Blue mountains...a firie was talking on radio the other day...he said the Blue Mountains has so much scrub and build up that a fire like in Victoria is a matter of when not if...hope they listen to him and get their politically correct fingers out of you know where.

JahTeh said...

Therese, the radiant heat came well before the flames and superheated the air. Now Wilson's Prom is ablaze.