Monday, September 07, 2009


Things are beginning to settle down especially the shock at picking up the bill for the nursing home. That was my fault for not finding out how or when to pay but they've given us an extra week to find the whole amount so crisis avoided.

AGL are not behaving again. Another phone call to them tomorrow and I want the terms of our arrangement to be written in somebody's blood and posted to me.

Mum has a swizzy new wheel chair and sits in it all day instead of lying in bed. She's reading books, Barbara Cartland, her favourites. She's up with all the gossip. The lady in the other bed is a bit of a whinger which mum loves. She says it's like watching a soap opera. This morning, the hysteria was about a missing extension to her bra which was later found hanging on the clothes she wore yesterday so mum's having a good laugh about all this. Not just a smile but a good old laugh. It might be costing a packet but it's worth it.

We just won't discuss the apple cake or my weight or my blood pressure or the black eye I gave myself walking into a door.


BwcaBrownie said...

"It's worth it" to hear that
She thinks somebody else Is A Soap Opera!

The huge cost clearly covers in-flight entertainment.

Jayne said...

Ouch for the black eye, hope that heals up fast.
The apple cake is well-deserved.
Yeah, they're exxy places but it's worth it to hear that you're enjoying your mum's company and to be her daughter again.
Talk to Centrelink about anyway they can help with costs, too.

Ampersand Duck said...

No, no, never boring. I'm taking notes.

Mindy said...

So good to hear that you and your Mum are enjoying life again. Hope the black eye heals soon.

River said...

What Jayne said.
Black eye? Large sunnies. But not inside or you might walk into the door again...

JahTeh said...

Bwca, it hasn't taken her long to get into the swing of things and the only day she gets bad is Sunday.

Jayne, I walked into the door which caught my glasses dead centre and the little nose piece went into the corner of my eye and it huuuuurt. Bloody Centrelink, I'm still waiting to hear whether they class her house as an enormous asset which will put up the cost beyond the 85% of her pension.

&Duck, I can never imagine Colonel or Lady Duck going gaga, they're too full of life.

Mindy, I wish she'd listened to us 6 months ago but the improvement in her health is really noticable. The food is excellent and I know because I ate the jelly flummery yesterday.

River, If only we could put our name down for places like this when we still have enough brain to know it's necessary.

Kath Lockett said...

If apple cake helps (and I'm sure there's a scientific study out there that proves it assists in the rapid healing of black eyes), then use it. Frequently.

River said...

Put our name down for places like this? Well, why not? Next time you're visiting your mum, nip into the office and ask to apply for a bed, tell them you're so happy with your mum's treatment that you're recommending the place to all your friends as well as yourself.

JahTeh said...

Kath, do not encourage me, I do not need it, me ever expanding backside does not need it. Damn, now I need two, I wouldn't even taste the first one before it hit bottom.

River, so way ahead of you, I have already done so but I suspect I won't make it, please pass go and head for cemetary.

Middle Child said...

Wow, somebody actually did walk into a door!