Tuesday, November 17, 2009


River said her mince pies were good
enough to eat without cream.
She's right, they're noms I could
seriously nom without cream.
I award you the Nom d'Nom Prix.


Brian Hughes said...

Stick some feathers in the top and you'll have nom de plumes.

Kath Lockett said...


JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, I award you the Sarc de Prix. Maybe if you're really nice to River, she'll send a poverty parcel to Your Lordship.

I'm not speaking to Kath, San Churro propagandist. The ice coffe was divine, the strawberry and custard croissant, drool and the waiter was attentive and gorgeous and told me to sit for as long as I wanted since I looked so hot (as in overheated) and it was on a banquette. I wouldn't have gone in if your review hadn't been so good and now I'm hooked.

Jayne said...


The Spouse has made the Christmas Cake of Whisky.
It took a whole 750ml bottle to soak the dried fruit for 3 weeks....after 3 weeks they were rehydrated fruit.
We are getting shickered jusht decor...decor...makin it loo' preddy.

iODyne said...

The Guardian reports on Cadbury chocolates takeover attempt by Kraft -
"Cadbury remains hopeful of hanging on to its independence, in spite of the ominous appearance of deal-hungry hedge funds on its shareholder register. Cadbury's chairman, Roger Carr, said at the weekend that he did not think investors would be "foolish enough" to allow Kraft to buy the business on the cheap: "I don't see these people letting that happen."


Dating back to 1824 when John Cadbury, from a staunch Quaker family, sold tea, coffee and drinking chocolate in Birmingham as alternatives to alcohol, Cadbury plc has now transformed into one of the world's largest confectionery manufacturers.

Cadbury milk chocolate was launched in 1897 and its famous Cadbury's milk tray selection in 1915, at the same time as the firm supplied clothing, books and chocolate to soldiers during the first world war. It merged with Schweppes in 1969, but demerged in 2007.

Its most famous product is the Cadbury Creme Egg; more than 200 million are sold between new year and Easter each year, with a brand value of around £45m.


Hershey is the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America. Founded in Pennsylvania in 1894 by Milton S Hershey, it is now an American icon. Hershey's kisses (small, flat-bottomed conical chocolates) burst into the world in 1907 to become one of the most successful Hershey products ever. The company makes special chocolate for the US military.

In 1988 the firm acquired the rights to manufacture and distribute Cadbury's branded products in the US.


After the second world war in 1946, Piera and Pietro Ferrero turned their bar and pastry shop in Alba, Italy into a small factory to mass produce chocolates.

It was their son Michele who ended up becoming the driving force of a company that has spread across the world, with products ranging from Nutella to Tic Tacs and the Ferrero Rocher. This was introduced in 1982 and is almost better known for its advertising campaign than the small, round, nutty chocolates.

It had a consolidated turnover of €6.2bn for 2007-08."

bit of a worry. Choc Wizz could come in jars.

Kath Lockett said...

Jah Teh, I'm having a chat with the San Churro man sometime again soon..... I'm keen to find out just what evil delights they're going to offer us over summer.

I am still addicted to their tapas plate. Best lunch ever!

JahTeh said...

Kath, I'm going in tomorrow for the lemon tart, it looked delicious.

Stacks, Cadbury and Kraft is not a match made in Heaven especially after that cheese and vegemite they tried to con us with. Cadbury chocolate in squirt cans *shudder*.

Jayne, my christmas cake has Tia Maria and Brandy for the soaking but if I make one just for me, I'll eat it. These days I buy the tiny one along with tiny puddings but I'm not giving up the double cream.