Thursday, January 14, 2010


How does one cope with a three month settling?
I have to be out at sparrow's fart tomorrow to drop off the keys to people who don't realize how long it takes if you don't have a car.
Then Centrelink to pick up more papers.
Then Southland to finish the shopping I didn't do today when I was phoned and told the cat was on the way.
My sister wanted to know why I was so long.
I wasn't stupid enough to tell her I was buying a mobile phone for mum. Just a plain no frills phone, $39 and $50 credit so people can call her. I'll discuss with the girls in charge just who will keep it and give it to her when a call comes in. It's in my name and if she annoys me I'll take it away.
I have netting all over the gate and a ute in the drive way.
I have a black and white furball sound asleep in the middle of my queen bed and I don't think it's going to move.
I've had to ring AGL, SE Water and Mastercard. It seems their various departments don't share information about a house that has been sold.
I have two pages to fill out about the change of address for the cat and I have to produce copies of its microchip and sterilization certificates.
I had to produce my passport at Optusnet to prove I wasn't a terrorist. All the terrorists I've heard about have a passport.
The new fridge is here and what a pain. It opens opposite to the old one so crashes into the wall when the door opens but on the good side, after 2o years it's nice to see a light go on inside. The old one is sitting pathetically outside and I feel as though I've just shot the family dog. 39 years of faithful service and still going strong when I unplugged it. The new one is too tall but I won't see the dirt. Still haven't put the shelves in, I have to wash them first and that too much like hard labour.
Did I mention I was tired? So tired I paid my visa payment twice.
I need a holiday.


Elisabeth said...

Getting rid of the fridge like shooting the family dog is a good metaphor.

No wonder you're tired, all this change and responsibility for others. It's almost tiring to read about it.

Maybe it's time to slow down.

R.H. said...

Why don't you buy a cake shop?

Middle Child said...

Its funny how other people think they know how much you do but they have no idea...maybe the reward is in heaven or in a cake shop or somehing

River said...

You paid your Visa payment twice? Can you get a refund? Or can you just shop for "free" until the extra payment is used up? The cat will keep you warm at night....

JahTeh said...

River, I just paid for my anti-anxiety pills on Visa and that is the last prescription I'll be getting. I was almost done with them when mum was diagnosed with cancer and my stressometer went sky high and didn't come down but after next week I'll start reducing the dose again. I did not need the cat sitting on my sore feet last night. I mean a queen bed and it has taken the middle as its own.

Therese, I thought of you the other day when I found out that mum had a fill-in physio who hadn't read her file and moved her much too forcefully and left her in pain. Fortunately the nurses were right on to it and she had heat packs and the doc was coming that night to up the pain medication.

Robbert, I had lunch today and did the stupidist thing, I faced the cake window. In a row was a marsbar chocolate cake, tiramisu, hummingbird cake, latte cheesecake, lemon/lime pie, lemon meringue pie and almond croissants. I put on 6 kgs just looking through the window.

Elisabeth, It was very stressful taking down my nekkid blokes off the door, the fridge looked quite, well, nekkid. Slowing down is on my agenda as soon as I fix Centrelink and the way to do that is walk in there with all the paperwork and let them do it while I sit around looking stupid.

Word verification is ulses, yes I haz them.

Ozfemme said...

You have a kitty on your bed!!