Friday, March 26, 2010


The weight of bacteria in and around the human body is approximately 1.25 kg.

I presume that's a washed body.

Try not thinking about that when coming home through a mob of teenagers.

That's the final argument for not sharing a bed with another body.

On the other hand, it means that 1.25 of this flab isn't mine.

Triple chocolate ice-cream for dessert.

There's always a silver lining somewhere.


River said...

The weight of bacteria in and around a certain human body that persists in seeking out MY checkout is more like 5kg, judging by the look and smell of him. Ugh!!

Elisabeth said...

I had no idea, Jahteh, but it's clear a bit of bacteria is not only necessary, it's probably good for you.

JahTeh said...

River, we might have become too precious about odour over the years but I'm all in favour of progress. If we went back in history I think we'd faint with the first deep breath we took.

Elisabeth, fascinating article, apparently bacteria doesn't acknowledge us except as something they float around in but they continue waging war against other bugs for domination. It's called Quorum sensing where enough signals from one group can unite them and launch an attack against another group. That's a very simplistic way of putting it but it's about my level of understanding.

Jayne said...

Ahh, see? Bathing oneself, clothing, bedding and the whole house in lysol was effective :P

Kath Lockett said...


......we had booze-filled Swiss chocolate Easter eggs after dinner in front of the footy last night. The dog was snoozing, Sapph was cuddling LC and I was knitting and LC said, his mouth full of easter egg, "Friday nights are THE BEST."

4.5 kilograms of bacteria (and maybe, say another 2kgs for Milly the dog).

JahTeh said...

Jayne, the latest thing I read about housekeeping was to vacuum the woollen underlay to swoosh up any mites living on dead skin that we shed. I shed a few that night, tossing and turning but it could be worse, mites could glow in the dark. Lord knows what's under the bed living in the dust bunnies and I can vac under there, I have a huge gilt mirror stored away in the safest place in the house.

Kath, you're safe. The family has been together for so long, all the bugs would classify as relatives even Milly and Skipper. Booze filled eggs sound good but I want raspberry filled eggs.

JahTeh said...

Sorry Jayne, I said 'can vac' (cue laughter) but I can't because of the mirror. Lucky.

Helen said...

Kath, I have a chocky egg complaint, I'll go over to your blog and complain there...
JahTeh, you are teh wittiest. Please write that book, write it write it write it g'wan g'wan g'wan.
I like to think of you in your later years, rich beyond dreams of avarice with all the chocolate and shiny gems your heart desires.

Cazzie!!! said...

Wow, that is some great info right there... I cannot wait to get home from work and have a good old scrub in the shower! lol

Ozfemme said...

was going to say "Ewww" and take another shower, but Elisabeth reminded me that is can't be all bad. I'll settle with vacuuming the mattress.... again.

If dust mites did glow in the dark, would there be any need for reading lamps?

The mirror under the bed - what does that do to the feng shui?

So many questions, so little time....

Middle Child said...

ha ha habloody ha you made me laugh and another glass of vino for me as well

River said...

JahTeh, this certain human body is more than a little unwashed. Sadly he is one of the homeless who live in their clothing, often incontinent, smokes like a chimney. The clothes and the man reek of smoke, wee, sweat and stale beer. He's new to the area and may not stay long, if he or any others start begging from the regular people the police are called to move them on. I think they are taken to a shelter. I hope they are taken to a shelter.

JahTeh said...

Therese, you're leading me into bad habits or maybe it's Southland's fault for the shiny new boozy shop beside the taxi stop. It makes it easier to pick up a bottle on the way home.

Oz, the mirror simply shines my over abundant goodness back at me.
If dust mites glowed in the dark my bedroom would look like the Galerie des Glaces at Versailles. (just getting you in the mood for the French getaway)

Cazzie, did you have to remind me about my shower? Bacteria, mould and scum all fighting for dominance, excuse me while I go and spray some White King.

Helen, a chocky egg complaint? I'm shocked since there's so many to choose from and you got a bad 'un.

I could write a book and then I'd have to write another one about the heart attack from eating all that chocolate and wearing all those large gemmy things.