Sunday, September 05, 2010

A bit of a blow last night.

"It was a dark and stormy night", and it went until this morning. I could hear things dropping and being blown around but I didn't bother going out.
The cat insisted on going out but after one whisker twitch in the door way decided that the kitty litter would do for the night.
I'm looking at brilliant blue sky at the moment but that wind is chill.
I wouldn't have even heard the storm if the cat hadn't kept waking me with a paw to the face.
The BrickOutHouse had been staying so he could get to the Chiro early before work.
This was the cat's idea of Heaven, cuddled up to its daddy like the old days.
But it's the weekend so he's back with the girlfriend and the bed is empty.
So I'm getting told that daddy isn't home and there's a storm and where's the warm body I've been curling up to.
After waking me up, she'd stomp off my bed and go to the other room and wait.
She's still in there, waiting.
I'm sleep deprived.


Jayne said...

All cats have Asperger's.
This will help you to fully understand your new furbaby's needs *snort*
Yes, my tongue is in my cheek :P

Kath Lockett said...

I had the best sleep ever - a nighth of reprieve from Love Chunk's sonorous imitation of an outboard motor, migraine gone, a warm bed and sleep.

Perhaps it helps that Milly the dog can't meow or jump up onto the bed.

Louise Bowers said...

This morning I expected to wake up and find out I wasn't in Kansas anymore. The house began to pitch...

JahTeh said...

Jayne, 'furbaby' does not apply, it's 17 years old and has been with me since January when it was tenderly carried in by daddy wrapped in a doona and blanket in case the car went over a bump. My mother always said if he found a female that loved him as much as that cat, he was made.

Kath, isn't the nicest feeling, a warm bed and sleep. I always know when I've been snoring, my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth, I'll choke one of these days.

Lorna, I've just discovered that I left the back wire door latched open when I brought the washing in and it's not in good shape. That would account for a lot of the banging from the back of the house and two of the plastic chairs are still in the garden somewhere.

River said...

Awww, she misses him. That's sweet. Put a hot water bottle and a teddy bear in his bed, maybe that will be enough for the cat and you can get some sleep?

R.H. said...

A sheet of iron on my roof came loose down one side and each gust of wind lifted it, letting it spring back with a huge BANG. It sounded enormous. I sat it out for a while hoping it would stop but it just kept going. Eventually I tried tossing bricks onto it from the top of the ladder but they didn't land properly, so then I had to get right up there (2am mind you) and hold the thing down while putting bricks right along it. Then I realised I hadn't extended the ladder high enough. I had trouble finding a rung to step onto without sending the both of us sliding sideways to the ground. What an ordeal. Well darlings I actually helped the plumber install that roof and you can see what a shit job we did.

Very grateful for my existence but sometimes it all seems a comedy of some sort.

Jayne said...

Crikey, Robert!

JahTeh said...

River, he came back this morning and she just about went up his leg to his shoulder. She's now dragged his pillow to the centre of the bed and is sleeping on it.

Robbert, how dangerously you live.
I still haven't been out the fix the back door yet, I figure it's not going anywhere.

Em said...

Try a hot water bottle for the cat. Works a treat for my old gal.

JahTeh said...

Em, that is logical, cats are not.
They work on the principle of how to annoy an owner the most.

Middle Child said...

Poor little kitty cat! They really know how to do your head in.