Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I want another birthday

I've always loved reading
Su's blog but now that she has opened her Delectable cake shops in Malaysia, it's more of a pleasure.

Really, who could resist Madagascar penguin cupcakes with the rest of the gang, as a birthday cake. I want another birthday and I want this cake or even just the penguins would do.


River said...

Cake making skills are awesome. I don't have any, myself.
Hang on, I can make cakes, just can't decorate them as awesomely as some I've seen.

Ann ODyne said...

The highlight of the RAS Show is always the Decorated Cakes.
Never mind Master fkn Chef off.
Some of those Show entries are AWESOME.
Those little penguins are awesome too - they don't look 'bitey' because there are no big yellow gloves in sight.

All these penguin posts made me miss Prude's Mission blogspot starring Mr. Jumbles the Fairy penguin:. I think she swam south for the winter and never came back

Prude: The Majesty Of The Penguin
Penguins is majestic creatures. If you should look at a penguin, should you be so lucky, you should be captivated by them. That is why prude is devoting her life to
Penguin Saving.

JahTeh said...

River, I'm the opposite, making the cake is the boring part. I made and decorated my sister's wedding cake and it looked fantastic but I didn't have the confidence to do it for money.

I'm with you Miss O'Dyne. I can't believe some of the cakes are real. Do they have a website for the RAS where they show the cakes?
I remember Miss Prude and Mr Jumbles is a gorgeous name for a penguin.
I'd still eat him off a cupcake.