Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today was good

Hey, I went all the way to Murrumbeena and back again without a panic attack.

Thank you to Metlink for hiding the bus stop to go the other way, good thing I'd downloaded the map. Would you believe it was right opposite an op-shop.

The other shop was an esoteric book shop and I loved the sign in the window.


Such a great heading for a blog.

I now have the fan belt for the dryer so you can bet on the weather becoming wonderful for leaving washing on the line.

Miss O'Dyne, I'll be heading your way next.


Jayne said...

Love that bookshop, Jah Teh, and that op shop is a fav haunt, great goodies found there.
Congrats on the trip out!
Great weather for it :)

Elisabeth said...

Someone should as you say take on that blog title, JahTeh.

I particularly enjoy the reference to the 'other fantasy beasts'.

Are lovely men really such a fantasy? I know a few and they seem very real.

Glad you made it to Murumbeena - quite a hike - and yes we are due for good weather again by the weekend.

R.H. said...

You're off your head.

Slow down!

J you're always rushing here and there
Seeking out the perfect choc eclair
They're too delicate for you
A boston bun will do
I'm sure you'd think again
If you had a bite on them.


A poet is never timid, or he is not a poet. It takes guts.
Miss Alison Croggon, my rival for best poet in Australia, is never timid, nor is she a man (I hope)but has far less chance of getting her head bashed in.

River said...

What a great name for a bookshop!
Your fan belt brought me a memory.
My mum-in-law used to have a twin-tub washing machine, probably still does, it was a Hoover, and everytime the fan belt (motor drive belt?) wore out, dad-in-law would fix it with another one of her old stockings. Lasted for ages those old stockings.
You may have sunny days from now on JahTeh, but you'll be glad of that fan belt next winter.

River said...

Oh look! R.H. is a Michael Jackson fan.

R.H. said...

Nice tune.

He stole it from me.

Unknown said...

Ha, I have caught the bus from that stop, only three stops to where Sister used to live. Now did you buy the dryer belt in Murra? Probably the same place we bought ours.

R.H. said...

I've lived near Murrumbeena. I'm in Newport now. It used to be poor, but middle-income has discovered it: nurses, school teachers, public servants, oh my golly.
My new neighbours are educated, modern.
They're progressive, don't interfere, you could be dying and they'd leave you to it.

Lovely man.

Ann ODyne said...

There is a place for dryer-belts in Footiscray too. Not until a replacement is required, does one discover how scarce the suppliers are.

Looking forward to catching up ... and will research chocolate/cake based venues ...

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I had to ask where the bus stop was, right where I was standing of course.

Elisabeth, lovely men are rare and the fantasy is that there are enough to go round.

Robbert, chocolate eclair, you swine and me without even a chocolate in the house, in the interests of dieting.....again.

River, I started out with a Hoover twin tub and it was a little ripper for spinning the nappies almost dry.

Andrew, little old shop that looks like it's been there since Moses was a lad. Electrical spare parts for just about everything especially Simpson.

Miss O'Dyne, we have to check out Savers in Frankston even braving the Bogan Mafia to do so. I have it on good authority that it is better than Footscray.

Robbert, I lived in Murrumbeena 30 years ago and it doesn't seem to have changed at all.

Ann ODyne said...

It's a long walk from the station, and nowhere near a cakeshop.
Frankston is truly a desolate hell-hole, living down to the On The Beach story that Nevil Shute wrote, and that Stanley Kramer filmed there (link at Highriser comments)

My brain has left BodyTown.
Magoo never shuts up, coughing, whistling, muttering, and of course the TV and radios blaring 24/7.
He is contagious. Stay off Eastlink tomorrow, or beware red Toyota station wagons.

R.H. said...

Frankston Savers is two floors of rubbish they've found at the tip. Never been any good.
I furnished my house from Footscray Savers. It was the David Jones of Savers stores but has lately declined, lost its PIZAZZ, even the better class of homosexual, giggling and entertaining, won't work there anymore.
Frankston shopping centre is huge, with a lovely beach, and more real estate agents than I have ever seen in one place. They are charming, pop in for a chat.

Frankston Savers is No Good. I've told you, and I've told you.
Good heavens, no wonder hubby had so much trouble with you!
But if you insist on going there stand sideways on the escaltor, it is very narrow, unless of course you'd like to meet the local Fire Brigade

Better to go to Footscray.
In the mall you may experience the Twin Continents: Asia one end, Africa the other.

Walk fast or they'll eat you.

Middle Child said...

Question is did you go in the book shop or the op shop - these are my two weaknesses can never pass an op shop or a book shop

oh and I have many more than two weaknesses - what was I thinking

Helen said...

Middle Child, me neither.
I was just blogging about the fear factor in buying a pair of new shoes (retail) which cost as much as a car service or a dentist visit. I love the way shoes found in op shops are like a gift from the Great Spaghetti monster - either they fit or they don't, because there's only one pair and they have turned up totally at random. My best pair of smart casual shoes (similar to Campers) - St Vinnie's, Geelong Road, $5.

JahTeh said...

Therese, I had too far to travel to even think of buying anything. I just kept chanting to myself 'you don't need it' especially after all the stuff I've just sent to the op shop here.

Helen, I always check the shoes, just in case and I never leave the shop without going through the handbags. I already have a laptop case with the laptop but I'm ready.

JahTeh said...

Sorry, that should be 'without' the laptop.

Running Amok With An Ax said...

I got a lovely pair of Grosby's from that very op shop just a few weeks ago - I wear them daily. And The Esoteric Bookshop is wonderful, I love their moon calendars. Glad you found a fan belt :)

JahTeh said...

The fan belt would have been lovely had the machine worked when I put it on. It's probably something simple and I'll get to it when the family dramas clear up.

Anonymous said...

Your blog brings back a lot of memories. I grew up in South Oakleigh and went to Murrumbeena High School. It's a housing estate now. Everytime I see the word Murrumbeena I want to break into the school song. But I won't.......