Saturday, February 12, 2011

I never thought I had a problem....

But it appears I have a food phobia. Now that cake up above would present no problems being snarffed by me. You see, it has colours and all the foods I don't like are white. I've never thought about it before until I was at the residents and relo's meeting at the home last week.
The chef asked if there was a meal that hadn't been offered or if anyone had a favourite that they'd like. Mother would like tripe and onions in white sauce. Well, I nearly lost me cookies with that one.

Tripe, only once and never again.
Lamb chump chops in white sauce and parsley, not in my world.
Ditto for shanks.
Tofu is on the outer for the moment but could make a return.
Cauliflower, okay without white sauce or cheesey white sauce.
Blacmange. (sp?)
Creamed rice.
White pudding. (don't even mention it's cousin, black pudding)
Egg white omlette, for goodness sake put the whole lot in and live a little.
I could not drink a glass of naked milk, even dressed with Ovaltine, it'd be a stretch.
Bread in warm milk sprinkled with sugar was a con my mother only tried once.

Now egg whites in a Pavlova is an entirely different quality of food. It's not completely white if the edges are a little browned and the cream is covered in all colours of fruit.

Vanilla ice-cream jammed in a glass with loads of coffee and some skim milk scraps across the line.

Lindt white chocolate with almonds is not a food, it's a tranquilizer, so edible.

I could really go for that cake.


Elephant's Child said...

You are so right about white pudding and its ugly sister. And indeed any awful offal.

The colours of food isn't an issue with me but there are a number of foods I will only eat raw - carrot and capsicum leap to mind.

I think all of us have our little food foibles when push comes to shove.

Ann ODyne said...

That cake is a masterpiece.
My food foible confession is white(ish) I'm afraid - I love porridge. Must be the Scots ancestors. Tripe is easy to loathe, and all offal, and the rest of the poor beasts too really. Eating meat is a mistake in several ways.
Animal cruelty and bowel cancer are 2 good enough reasons to avoid it.
Ice cream is good in any flavour - can you imagine anybody saying "I dont like icecream" ?
I recently had some licorice flavour made by the genius at Gundowering Ice Creams. Divine.

R.H. said...

White sauce is horrible.

I had bread and milk for years as a child and it's done me no harm.

Unreconstructed sexist.

Jayne said...

Tripe and onions in white sauce.
Almost lost MY cookies as I read it *shudder*.

River said...

Tripe with white sauce; I had to learn how to cook it for my step-dad, while mum went to Germany to visit her mum.
Lamb chump chops and shanks; I have a couple of casserole recipes that use those, but a lovely brown gravy not white sauce.
Tofu; ugh!
Cauliflower; love this, with or without white or cheese sauce, even more if there's broccoli in the mix.
Creamed Rice; I tried canned creamed rice once and almost threw up, but I love the rice pudding I make myself.
White Pudding; What the heck is that?
Egg White Omelettes; pfft! Scrambled whole eggs for me.
Naked Milk; I can't even put that in my mouth, let alone swallow any. Flavoured into a milkshake and down she goes, easy peasy.
Pavlova; YES! YES! YES!
Vanilla ice-cream; YES again
Lindt white with almonds; no thanks, it's all yours.
I like porridge too....

Save me a slice of that cake, I'll be right over......

JahTeh said...

EC, you can eat capsicum raw? I feel heartburn coming on but carrots I love juiced with ginger, unfortunately I fried the motor on the juicer and haven't bought another. And we shouldn't drink juice because we throw away the fibre, makes you wonder what some of these food gurus do eat.

Annie O, isn't is fabulous and I just knew you were going to mention porridge which I'd forgotten to put it on the list.
I would love someone to make a scrummy apricot ice-cream with passionfruit but it has to have real apricots not just flavour.

Robert, we agree on something at last.
My grandmother fed five kids on bread and milk. The only thing that kept them alive during the depression was milk and cream from their cow, jam from the fruit the kids would nick and fresh bread from the baker up the road. Bread was cheap then. Mum does remember getting sausages once a week.

Jayne, these days the damn stuff is sanitised beyond belief but the old days, not so. Ma's living on memories a bit so it'll be interesting to see if she gets through it.

River, I used to like roasting the shanks until they were crunchy but childhood memories of shank soup every Saturday night turned me off them and soup for years.
BrickOutHouse has just looked in the fridge to see it full of food and I've had to explain that I don't have to cook for a week except to steam a few veg, that's the art of food planning.

There was a recipe in last week's paper for orange cake, I love orange cake. It came with orange icing.

Kath Lockett said...

Tripe, Lamb chops and shanks - I'm with you!

Rice cream - devil's own snot!

JahTeh said...

Another one, Kath, Sago. Slimy frogs eggs.