Friday, August 26, 2011

The best for last

Janis Miltenberger makes divine glass objects. This chair called 'Softly Held' is 34 inches high x 9 inches length x 9 inches width. Nearly 3 feet of intricate glass making and I love the flowers.

This chair is called "Sweet Discovery" and is 37 inches high x 9.5 inches in length and 9.5 inches in width. The image below is a detail from the top of the glass chair.

I do love these candlesticks though, it is the birds again.

As much as I like the candle sticks, I have to go for her drinking glasses. Not that I'd ever drink from them, I'd be terrified to even pick them up. They are gorgeous.

For more of her work click on and drool.


Elephant's Child said...

If I short out the PC dribbling and drooling it is YOUR FAULT. And those birds were incredible, and the glasses, and and and.

Thank you.

Frances said...

Absolutely beautiful and covetous.
She's surely not a human being like the rest of us, is she?
Quite sublime.

Jayne said...

Gorgeous bliss, orgasmic eye candy :)

River said...

I love the Sweet Discovery chair.
The glasses would be perfect for floating some frangipani and a mini candle, for dinner parties perhaps.

JahTeh said...

EC, the intricate work that goes into those chairs just astounds me. I got frustrated trying to make a polymer bead and that was just once.

Frances, the book has modern glass works but they don't do a thing for me.
The flowers and the birds are gorgeous.

Jayne, can you imagine the two of us trying to dust these without damage?

River, you would have just enough room for two glasses and the frangipani.

Brian Hughes said...

I wouldn't risk sitting on those chairs, personally. They don't look like the sort of thing you can rock back on without causing some mischief.