Monday, August 29, 2011

Still glassing

Fashion designer Donna Karan is giving luxury consumers a version of her Golden Delicious fragrance, at a price, a wow price.

The perfume which sells $42 can now be had in a million dollar wrapping – the most expensive perfume bottle created to date.

DKNY and designer Martin Katz worked together to create the million-dollar perfume bottle, which is carved from a combination of 14 karat yellow gold and white gold. The bottle is embellished with nearly 3,000 gemstones – including 15 pink diamonds, 4 rose cut diamonds, a 4.03-carat pear-shaped diamond; a 3.07-carat ruby and a 7.18-carat oval shaped cabochon sapphire from Sri Lanka. The precious stones are set in the gold apple-shaped flacon in the shape of the New York skyline.

All net proceeds from the seven-figure bottles of Golden Delicious will be donated to the Action Against Hunger charity. Before being sold, the million-dollar bottle of Golden Delicious will go on exhibit around the world.

I still don't like her fashion clothes.


Elephant's Child said...

And while I can appreciate the workmanship and the artisty I don't like the perfume bottle much either. Or at least I don't lust after it, as I did some of the items in your earlier glass posts. Just as well probably, it is a tad out of my league. Great cause though.

River said...

That's an awful lot of money for a splash or two of perfume!
The bottle design is pretty enough, but doesn't make me say "Oh I want one!", no matter how worthy the cause. And especially since I don't have a spare million dollars laying around...

Jayne said...


Brian Hughes said...

Not sure about the Golden Delicious. Looks more like a Granny Smith to me.

R.H. said...

Self-love. Starving people get the fall-out.

What an insult.

JahTeh said...

Straight to the heart Robbert. If I had a million to buy that I'd donate an equal to the charity.

MiLord, keep your granny smith, I'd rather have a pink Lady.

Jayne, absolutely right. I've coveted cheaper bottles by the "stars", some are lovely.

River, I believe you since you've just moved and upended the bed and found not a cent hidden.

EC, at first glance I thought what a damn big stopper for such a small bottle until I realized I was looking at the stand.