Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is the waterfall of Skogarfoss in Iceland and it's not the sun that's creating the rainbow but the water droplets from the falls being illuminated by the full moon which is creating a moonbow.

Above the falls you can see an Aurora faintly lighting the sky and look closer to see the stars of the Big Dipper, part of the constellation of The Great Bear or Ursa Major.


Elephant's Child said...

You do find the most magical things to share. Thankyou. Lots.

River said...

I've never seen a moonbow, I didn't even know there was such a thing.
Today I have learned something.
I often learn stuff when I come here.

JahTeh said...

EC and River, I have a friend who takes photographs like this but he only uses an old SLR camera and develops them to slides. The detail and the colour are fantastic. You can delete a bad digital photo but you can't manipulate a shot like this.

R.H. said...

Hi. My name is Robert, I am not an alcoholic. Someone has donated a piano to Preston market, an old upright. I don't know who; I read the brass inscription but forget what it said. It's in a clearing, surrounded by chairs and tables, all encompassed by fruit and veg, and oh boy what a riot: closing time, everything thrown out cheap. I played Percy Grainger -ridiculous choice: audience of burkas, jostling, screeching, for cheap veg. They barged up to me, up to the piano, wanting to know what I'd paid for my box of mangos on top. Well you have to laugh - disappointment darlings, I was expecting compliments, but that's showbiz.

-Robert. OAM.

R.H. said...

Pretty rainbow. (Did I say that?)

Ro said...

How gorgeous and I've never heard of a moonbow before, either!
Thanks for the piccy :)

R.H. said...

A blue diamond has been sold for 1.4 million. Did you hear about that? I suppose it's like a Picasso, for instance. And power is how much dough you've got.
I'm very pleased with this Occupy Melbourne movement, at last the young and fortunate have returned to what they should be doing. Women's rights, aborigines and refugees etc are just elements of a broad situation: a matter of have and have not. Splitting it into narrow interests is a strategy nutted out by old moneybags himself, blinding the populace to the basic truth that all these troubles are class troubles. Class is a word that terrifies him, mention it and it's like he's seen a ghost.
The young and educated are the only chance poor people have for improvement in their lives, it's always been that way. I've been infuriated to see them tricked into wasting their efforts on mere aspects of injustice when in fact the entire system is filthy and corrupt.
Smash Capitalism, with all its pornography, where conditioned darlings sit down for a night of violence on TV.

You watch it, you watch the adverts, you buy the product and don't know why.

R.H. said...

The diamond was actually 10.4 million, but why quibble.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, it was so cheap at that price and I'm having it set as a belly button ring which is hard since I don't have one. I could have it re-cut into two stones because I have two nipples and there's your porn for the evening.
I never watch the adverts, that's when I read my book. Mind you, I can still hear them and I want to know why that repulsive kid is singing about poo time at 11 p.m at night.

Ro, you need http://www.atoptics.co.uk for the feral beast. I'm getting a good view of the lightning at the moment.

R.H. said...

Don't dance naked, a woman your size has a certain responsibility.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, there's an eclipse of the moon at the end of November, I'll dance then.