Monday, August 27, 2012

I haz an egzorshon

His clothes are finally all packed then I looked down and there's no way I'm packing up his shoes.
So just in case you thought I was kidding about the hall way, here's proof.  Just beyond that hatbox which is balanced on a box of something, there is a door.  Once upon a time I could walk through here to the kitchen.
This afternoon I managed to store the curtain rod behind the sofa bed and put a couple of rolls of material in a corner until I remembered I hadn't cleaned the carpet yet.  But I do have half a sewing room and now that his clothes are packed I can use the bookcase in there for some of the stuff that's down here.
The ladder can go in the laundry and the ladder in the laundry can go in the carport.  The books will have to wait for a while.  These bookcases are Ikea, useless for books of any great weight so I have to transfer the novels from the good bookcase in the study to here and transport the weighty tomes back there.
So far I have not got one perfect side to this Rubik's Cube of a clean up.
And to top off the day, I dropped an egg on the kitchen floor.
And tomorrow is mother day.
And coffee and cake day.


River said...

Hooray for coffee and cake day!
I thought Ikea bookcases were supposed to be strong? The ones in the catalogue pictures seem to hold a lot of stuff.

Elephant's Child said...

Hold the coffee, I will just have two cakes.
Our bookshelves are groaning, and in some instances the shelves are bowed. Oops. And goodness books collect the dust. And the ambience of this house is cluttered and dusty.

R.H. said...

Ikea furniture is mainly chipboard, not strong.

JahTeh said...

River, some of the bookcases where the shelves are fixed are pretty strong but not the 'Billy' bookcases. In the photo, it's mainly novels and videos. The videos I'm keeping until I can covert them to dvd because they're documentaries that never get into the stores.

EC, I didn't have either, I spent the money on plastic patchwork cutting squares to go with the rotary cutter. Every thing in this house collects dust.

Robbert you are so right, chipboard bends in the middle and Ikea is all chipboard. My other bookcases were bought from a little hardware place near Mentone station, delivered free and all I had to do was paint them. You don't get service like that anymore.

R.H. said...

I installed an Ikea kitchen here about twenty years ago and the white veneer has lately been coming away exposing the chipboard underneath. I installed a similar kitchen in the apa-a-a-artment of a psychotic man five years ago while penpushers and other spies at the MST Woods Street Preston chorused "Does Bob get money from you?" Well of course I did you lazy chattering airconditioned cadavers incapable of WORK. I hauled the stuff from Richmond to Thornbury, created a Brand New Kitchen and was lucky if I got petrol money!- you useless gasbagging time-servers who wouldn't know a battery screwdriver from a dildo!

JahTeh said...

Robbert, I wouldn't pay money for something I had to put together myself which is where I get ticked off with Ikea.
Everybody said I couldn't paint laminex cupboards but I did and they've been good for 25 years.

R.H. said...

Oil-based paint (enamel) will stick to most surfaces, including laminex. Give it a light sanding first.

Natural timber is always best; solid wood. I bought some pine chests of drawers cheaply from a shop in Hoppers Crossing, gave them three coats of WATTYL Teak and they look magnificent. Expensive, in fact.