Sunday, August 26, 2012

Toil, I still toil.

 Wondering where I've been?  In this cupboard, specifically the shelf containing fabric and believe me there's twice as much in there than there was. The rest is lace, expensive lace that is almost unobtainable now. The horrible fact is that at some stage it all has to come out or I get 4 huge blokes to move the whole cupboard to the middle of the room and back again after the wallpaper has been striped off and the wall painted. It's something I don't have to worry about just yet as the BOH and the little mother will take at least a year to organize themselves a place to live so I continue to co-exist with all his clothes and furniture.

The view from my chair. Books, slippers, empty boxes back from mother, lots of things back from mother and washing on the chair. I've been too busy folding up his clothes and packing them away to  fold mine up. Don't look at the curtain, the long and short of it. The cat did a wonderful job of shredding when it moved in and I have a beautiful pale ivory voile to replace this pathetic lot and it didn't have a hem or heading. No matter thinks I, it's only straight sewing.  I bought it two years ago, notice that, two years ago and I haven't been able to get to a machine since. I even lost the bag containing the curtain fabric but it's now been found and I'll get to it soon, maybe before Christmas, maybe. The one thing you won't notice is the floor full of DVDs, they're packed away at long last and now just the books to stack neatly. It would be nice to put them in the bookcase but that's down the hall past the stepladder, more  books, material in 6 huge plastic boxes on wheels, wooden curtain rod, and videos. The TV's still working well considering 'hernextdoor' told her husband to put it on the nature strip for junk but it wandered in to my house where it was welcomed with open arms.
Behind my chair, the dining table. It's under there believe me and see that small black area in front, that's where I work on my jewellery. The table was turned the other way which gave me about 2 feet of space to move in but yesterday, I picked it up (carefully) and took 20 minutes to turn it bit by bit. I was hoping the legs wouldn't fall off with the weight of it all but not even a piece of paper fell to the ground. That's my new necklace ready to be finished on the purple.

The whole place looks worse than it actually is, no, not really, it is bad.  It's softened by the Haversham affect of draped cobwebs and layered dust. The Hoover has still not been operational, after I moved the sofa bed I had to sweep again and pick up more dead socks. I think I'm just about ready for it though because the treadle machine is in the middle of the sewing room and the sewing machine will be there tomorrow. Did I say that last week?  Honestly this house is like Rubik's Cube, impossible to get all in order without moving this and that and moving it all back again until the problem is solved and I was never any good at Rubik's.
Every night I plan what to move the next day and hope it fits.  Like I said, sewing machine tomorrow along with four large boxes of ribbons which will go in the spot vacated by four of his large boxes of precious goods. The tv that sat on the treadle machine went on the small table on legs that went against the wall just nicely with enough room for those 4 boxes.  

I love it when a plan comes together.


Elephant's Child said...

Yee gods and little fishes but you have been busy. I drooled at your material stash, even knowing it probably isn't something I can get back to. It always peeves me that when one is doing a MAJOR clean it looks worse for such a long time...

River said...

I see what you mean about your house being a Rubik's Cube.
"Every night I plan what to move the next day and hope it fits". You sound just like me. Forget hoping and measure instead. Do you have one of those retractable tape measures that does about 5 metres? No? Then use the time honoured heel to toe foot measuring method. For instance walking heel to toe my couch is six and a half of my small feet long, by four of my feet deep. I just have to pace out the area where I want it to know that it won't fit anywhere but where it is right now.
Well, it will, but the stuff it's replacing won't fit where the couch is, so...pffft!! no rearranging here. anyway, it's a good method. I used it to measure the bedroom before I accepted this flat.
I know you'll refuse, but once again I'll offer my help. I'm quite good with a vacuum.

Davoh said...

Um, without some sort of 'toil', methinks we'd be all be dead .. heh.

(yer, i do occasionally 'drop in' t see what yer up to theses dayses.)

Always Best Wishes from me.

JahTeh said...

EC, I just feel as though I'm wandering in circles. I keep tidying up mum's corner at the home and it arrives back with me to deal with.

River, it worked then I had to lift them all out of the way because I need to clean the carpet. When everything is in its place then it feels right and I never have to re-arrange again.

Davoh, you can see why I'd never manage to live in a caravan. I'm being quite savage with the culling of books and 'stuff', all going to the op shop when I've finished.

Ann ODyne said...

"we've wealth for toil" so where are the banknotes stacked?
That first photo really impressed me and I was composing a comment to that effect when I saw photo 2 ... keep up the good work, but carefully. x x

Henry said...

This good well done, but i'd better choose to have a roller tool box for my things.

Raven said...

Good arrangement for stuff's..more close to a tool box i did have purchase last month.