Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's been a blood moon mess

Virus, breakdown, Home saved for the moment, new desktop installed and not understood.
I've kept IE for the moment while I work out what is what and 8.1 has the start button back.
After sitting in front of the old machine wondering how my brain was going to fix anything, I picked up the keyboard to shake the crumbs out and underneath was a card from Chris advertising his expertise in all things computer. I remember getting this in the mail box ages ago and kept it in case.  He charges $100 an hour but stayed much longer than two hours fixing up what I wanted to keep and explaining what not to touch then he put the screen back to XP instead of buttons everywhere.
No, I still don't know what I'm doing but I am doing it faster.  And why didn't anyone mention that the dongle thing should be moved around to get a better and fast reception?  He also checked on who was using what around me to see if that would interfere with reception.
He asked what I did with my bookmarks and I showed him the email I'd sent to myself and that's when he gave up. I can understand that, when I printed it out it was 15 pages long. I'll go through and get rid of a few/lot but I have an ebay button on the desktop and internet banking is a go.
I'm still dealing with the colours, ghastly yellow on the header had to go and the scanner needs a new driver for 8.1 so I have to check with Canon for that.  The printer was not a problem, my dear old keyboard is still going but I might change it for the new one but the keys look so tiny.  And that's another thing, the desktop is a quarter of the size of the old one.
One more thing out of the way are the new vertical blinds. Fortunately the colour that I really wanted was one of only 3 on special. See how cunning they are, advertise big sale but only 3 colours.  The first words of that man's mouth was, "I see you have a cat." as stupid was sitting on the tv unit with his head through another new hole.
Computer bloke said he'd get rid of the box for me, too late the Ice Bear was already in it. Obviously not a cat person. He's bored with it now unless I put a hole in the top which will confuse him no end.

Hopefully I'm back for a while until the drugs stop working but at the moment I am zen calm.


Anonymous said...

Yes, those computer blokes are pretty good from what friends have told me. $100 seems to be the standard hourly charge, but invariably they will stay longer. A new computer and you are calm? I've never heard such a thing. They must be mighty good drugs.

River said...

Good to see things working out for you for a change. Hope it continues. And keep Chris's card handy under the new keyboard!
I have trouble with my scanner, my laptop won't recognise it so I can't scan anything into the files, weird really since it recognises the printer just fine and they're part of the same all-in-one machine! Printer/scanner/photocopier.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, he was very good at explaining everything, I was bad at understanding. Funny thing, we couldn't find an update at Canon for 8.1 but overnight it had updated itself and is working. I could never worked it out myself.

River, try the website to see if it has updates just for the scanner. It's going to take me 6 months to find out everything on this machine not including putting back all the bookmarks.

DK said...

Glad to have you back on the blog. I have been worried about you.

JahTeh said...

Thank you DK, I was getting a bit worried about myself. I thought mother might have finished me off this time.

Ann ODyne said...

oh the bookmarks! 15 pages? Would they be the quicksand that glugged everything up?

I have a dongle because I don't have a landline to piggy-back an ISP account, but you do so why don't you? I think it costs less and you 'bundle' it with the cellphone and get 3 for 1.
I love Andrew pointing out "a new computer and you are calm?" as I was nuts for a week adjusting to 8.bloody 1
I needed to be .05
x x

JahTeh said...

Annie, so many because they'd be duplicated when I crossed from IE to Firefox so now I'm sorting as I go. The one I keep for old times sake is The Australian Blog Index from the glory age of blogdom.

I have a dongle and mobile with optus and landline with Telstra because I have a phone in every room in case I fall.If the landline fails I can go to the shop and abuse them in person, much better than a call centre.