Sunday, July 12, 2015

And you thought being rich makes for the perfect wedding.

 Glorious Valentino lace wedding gown, $50,000

 Hand made Louboutin wedding shoes with her new name, price unknown.

Having someone park the car on your floating veil, priceless.

Happy Day Nicky Hilton Rothschild.


River said...

I LOVE that gown! I wouldn't be bothering with named shoes however; what do you do with them when you get divorced?
The one thing wrong with long, floaty trains, is having to watch out for traffic (*~*)

Elephant's Child said...

Over the top. I have very little sympathy. Their wedding menu sounded bizarre too (mac and cheese, mini pizzas and spuds with caviar).

iODyne said...

Thanks JahTeh I hadn't seen that news. But oh do shreik at the veil getting tyremarks, although it is at least, a Bentley. The gown is so totally Valentino perfect. She isn't young so let us hope it lasts. Two big brand names.

Frances said...

Loved it. reminded me a little of Anne Baxter's autobio, where she describes her astonishing trousseau, with everything from bras to negligees embroidered with her initials. She was told at the time that they often made the same for the wife and for the mistress.
So, the initials meant that he didn't have to even remember you: he could just glance down to check out who was there, wife or mistress.

JahTeh said...

River, I loved the gown for the lace and the high neck instead of showing off everything down to the navel. Both Hilton sisters have huge feet, sister Paris is a size 12.

EC, If you're going to spend that much money on a dress I'd expect a top menu. None of those you mention would make it to my mouth without hitting the balcony, you could bet on it.

Annie O, Sister Paris' outfit looked totally Target but I bet it cost a mint. And nothing spectacular about the guests outfits either.

Frances, that is divine. Thank goodness we don't have to worry about a trouseau or a glory box these days.
The mistress probably has her name tattooed across her backside or the wife has.

Davoh said...

Meh; if i offered a female the diamonds of discourse; the gems of discovery; the amethysts of all philosophy; .... do you honestly believe taht they would live in my household? Methinks (and almost believe)- females run out - when fantasy (plastic/paper) money does.;

R.H. said...

Women can't comprehend money but they love it more than men do. Men chasing money are chasing a root.

JahTeh said...

Davoh, nothing would make me marry again, I've done my 25 years to life. I believe your comment would apply to the dumb blonde Count Crapula ran off with though.

Robbert, you know money is the root of all evil.

Speaking for myself, if either of you come into the inheritance of an ice-cream factory, the story might be different.