Monday, April 04, 2016

The week in photos through a gin bottle

I was looking for something else and came across this.  It's all yours Andrew, because it will drive you crazy with the search engines to find out if it is true.  Russia has a big girl ballet company and she is a star.  With all the carry-on about obesity, the company might have to close because they are running out of big girls.

 Miss O'Dyne is unwell so I am posting a photo of Lily the goat. She's up in the paddock where Miss O'Dyne has an old trailer with a tarp on top to keep the rain off.  But you know goats, she is jumping down off the tarp where she has made herself a nice sunny hammock.

Margaret Whiteangel has been highlighting Port Fairy on her blog.  I loved this little town but it's probably changed somewhat since I was there in 1996 and this was the closest image I could find of the cottage where we always stayed which was called Lavender Cottage in Sackville Street. This one backs on to the river. The boys were too old to come on holidays with the old fogies and so glad I am when I think back on what horrors they would have done. The river, the back calm beach, the rough front beach,  I would have been lying down with a cold cloth on my head with the tension. No tower hotels here but I wouldn't have put it past them to try and climb the lighthouse.

Elephant's child is also not well so here is something to make you feel better.  A ginormous green freezing cold iceberg with a sprinkling of penguins. 

How could I not think of River (not well either) when I found this T-shirt.  I would have given this to Elephant's Child but she already has two cats so qualifies to be crazy already, a third cat might tip her over the edge.

Now that the horrendous month of March has passed, a month according to my stars that was going to be one of the star months of the year and absolutely wasn't, I might be able to be sensible in my blogging if I don't get ill or there are no mother emergencies. It's been a painful few weeks for us bloggers, change of seasons?  I know that having sinus at one end and cystitis at the other made it very dangerous to sneeze in the street. It couldn't possibly be the fact that we are getting older or maybe it's the horrors of another election where a drover's dog looks more intelligent than the parties we're supposed to support.  That must be it, I'm depressed just writing that.


Elephant's Child said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And yes, I am well down the crazy path already.

Davoh said...

Shhesh, where do you find these images (have today experienced a one and a half hour battle with Telstra's 'we're here to help you' people (have to admit that the 'accents' are coming close to comprehensible).

River said...

Such lovely gifts, you've managed to find just the right thing for everyone :)
I think I'm quite crazy enough with just the one cat, two would have me spinning in circles and climbing the walls.
I'm well again now, apart from assorted aches associated with overdoing things.
I hope your sinus and cystitis are better now.

Fen said...

That t-shirt!! <3

Anonymous said...

Yep, ok. I might even get a blog post for myself out of my googling. Ms O'Dyne in not unwell in the manner of Mr Jefferies is unwell today, I hope.

Lavender Cottage, so original. Is the Sackville Street like the one in Kew?

Ann ODyne said...

oh Andrew you funny. the daily drinking seems to be best medication for the urgently required double hip replace [surgeon assess tomorrow].
Coppy darling my nanny goat continues to be a delight if you can imagine a 'friendly' head-butt with horns. I love the big prima donnas thanks for the pleasure.
massive best regards from the heart of the western district to you, El Chi + River too.

JahTeh said...

EC, reminds me of that scene in I,Robot where they all cluster together in the dark. It's the same in blog land, all the crazies cluster together and most of us own cats.

Davoh, after dealing with that mob, you definitely qualify for the crazy cluster. I love the way they say, "It's John from Preston in pure Peter Sellers english". I don't do anything on the phone, I go straight to the store and demand help, after taking off my tutu.

River, I don't know about you but I don't usually get the aches until at least June, this is a bit too early so heaven help us when winter really hits. It's freezing here today and pouring rain.

Fenstar, it's a ripper and I could see you putting green glitter on the eyes to make it look like Alex.
If you look up Helen Smart on facebook, her husband does T-shirts and sells them as "Mr Bucket" at markets around Melbourne.

Andrew, Sackville Street is/was the main drag in Port Fairy. It was only a short walk to the shops and if you haven't been there you should go. So much to see around the area and I believe you can still buy fresh crays straight from the fishing boats. The history of the town is fantastic and Margeret-whiteangel would tell you. Good food everywhere and good photo opportunities. Blog fodder for a year.

Annie O, replying here and it's the 6th already so I hope it was good news yesterday. At least the pub is close enough to supply food and booze if you can't get out.