Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Coppy is feeling unwell, bruised, battered and slightly dizzy.

I expected to begin blogging again this week but instead I'm counting bruises. 
I was dragging a heavy bag across the carpet, very carefully, a half metre at a time, moving feet well back when I completely lost the rhythm.  Boy when I lose balance I really lose it, tried to stay up and might have not hurt myself as much if I had fallen on the small box sitting on the big box but a spindly legged what not got in the way.  Fell this way and that, almost had to extract a pottery rabbit from an unusual place  but he just had his head taken off.

Crawled to phone for nephew who shot round but  the way I used to get up is non-functioning.  I would roll onto knees (that really hurt) and use feet to push me up to a chair or couch. No, left foot doesn't do feel very well and right foot does feel far too much and both slip at the same time.

Call the Ambos again, explain there's a beached whale  needing a lift. I hate doing this in case there is an emergency but the operator says I would just move down the priority line. That made me feel better.  The Ambos thought it was hilarious that I'm on the floor with broken backside and my entertainment is watching the ice skating and I would hate to hit the ice the way they do.  So out comes the pump up cushion and five minutes later I'm on my feet.  I may or may not inform Doc Marvin of the 170 blood pressure.

Today the bruises have  come to life to give sparkle to the pain and I had to go out.  Wrap gifts for mother to give, taxi to Home, taxi to hair dresser, taxi home and I'm as dizzy as all get out. Forgot breakfast and pills.  Note on the calendar says Mercury Retrograde.  Good, I'm staying in bed until Friday when the cat is out of kibble and I'm out of pills and not a chocolate for the day.  But I did find my Christmas reading books.  Memo to self, do not hide things at my age.

I have found and lost Christmas cards.  Everybody's presents are in a line to be wrapped but there's no time to post them.  You'll love your Christmas in January goodies. River sent mince tarts, very tasty and medicinal for falls.  Elephant's Child has not lost her cake making abilities, yes I know I promised to not eat until Christmas day, I lied.

I know it's been a while since I blogged but what are all these new thingies on the header.  I know I'm posting as Jah Teh, I've been posting as her since 2005 and now I can put a funny face somewhere, no it's 'insert special characters' none of which I understand.  I wish that Windows 10 could understand that I am too old to change from XP and I want it back.  You've got enough zillions to support the few non-experts who don't like change.

Some kind person email me on Thursday night to remind me I must buy chocolates on Friday.  Just in case dementors turn up unexpectedly.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so glad that you found your Christmas books. And that the cake is ok.
Sigh on the falling front.
And yes, buy chocolates on Friday. Lots and lots of chocolate.

River said...

I didn't lie about the Christmas cake, I did have every intention of holding out until Christmas Day, but I caved and ate half of it tonight. I'm glad you liked the mince pies and very glad the Christmas Books turned up.
I've made a note to email you on Thursday about the chocolates.

Unknown said...

Surely the last thing you need is a reminder to buy chocolates. I've heard EC and River make their edible gifts suitable for everyone, so enjoy your no fat, no sugar, gf free, flourless treats.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, this time I'll check the date of the 'special' box of chocolates. What I really want is to make one of my special pavlovas and I've found a recipe that uses one egg white. But I think vanilla ice-cream and the other piece of cake might do.

River, you've as bad as I am. I did get a gift from a resident at the Home, a great big red cup which I thought was for soup but going to the website found it was for cooking one small cake or muffin.Bad news for me.

Andrew, never at Christmas, the cake would be unfit for human consumption. I have gone right off chocolate for some reason but ice-cream has taken it's place except for that dreadful American stuff, far too sweet.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I'll get bruise and clueless where they come from. Coffee is on

JahTeh said...

Dora, I've measured and the bruise is bigger than the hole in the wall. I am about to try my first selfie and photograph the bruise without showing anything else.

River said...

Andrew; anything I make is definitely not, repeat NOT, sugar free. Well, maybe soup :)

River said...

And if I had your address I could have sent YOU home made mince pies. Unless you don't like them.

Ann ODyne said...

oh darling Coppy - you nearly had hospital food for Cmas lunch! what a lucky escape.
a tidy house is so bourgeois, give it up. Happy Cmas Eve to youse and your dear commenters as well

R.H. said...

I once wrote a little poem called The Formula for Distance (stillness multiplied by absence) about photographs, and how frozen they look when you're missing the people in them. And today when I looked at the photo of my old pal in Queensland with doubts that he's still alive I remember how we once had vegemite on dry biscuits for Christmas lunch and laughed like mad about it. Well I think he's probably gone but am afraid to be told it for sure. So I'm leaving things as they are.
Bad times pass, good times pass. And I thank God for him, for how he made me laugh.
And darlings that's my Christmas Message. A merry time to all of you.


JahTeh said...

Onya Annie, you've seen the hoarder's hovel so you know I must do something in case I fall over. Sister said to just sweep everything off the table into a bag and ditch it and that's the way you lose $100 worth of divine Swarovski crystals which had not been unpacked since last January. Probably a mother emergency again.

Robbert, I love that, 'stillness multiplied by absence' and it's true. I spent a whole year mourning a child who died over 20 years ago, trying to remember the noise of him. We don't need photographs for the good times. Nowt wrong with biscuits and vegemite for Christmas lunch, suits me.