Monday, December 26, 2016

Four Generations

Great Great Grandmother, great grandmother, mother, granddaughter and little Clio the fairy child.

Anorexics will be fainting at this photo but all girls should be told over and over again, it's not the body that counts, it's strength of will, the fight in the heart and these four have the strength to move mountains and I hope we have passed it down to Miss Clio.


Elephant's Child said...

She is beautiful and I LOVE the smiles...

Ann ODyne said...

Lovely. I hope you have a 'Four Generations' with yourself as the babe? I do. scary. Generation 3 lived to 93 despite chainsmoker, Generation 2 lived to 86 [died accidentally], and Generation 1 lived to 96. So I am freaked to think my odds are living at least another 10 years, when am already decrepit.
Plus Her Maj is unwell and the thought of living to see Camilla Homewrecker coronation gives me the screemin meemies.
Happy Boxing Day to youse all.

River said...

That's a beautiful, beautiful picture, all those beautiful women and one gorgeous baby.
I love your dress fabric too.
Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

It's a great photo. Four generations together is probably not that unusual, but very nice when it happens.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, the last baby I featured was Nephew's little boy and he is going to school in 2017. Clio is already 3 months old. I'm not keeping up with time at all and everybody will get their Christmas gifts as soon as I open the boxes and wrap and post probably for Easter.

Annie O, at least your mind is not decrepit and when I can't stagger around shops, I intend to live on anything that can be cooked and hand delivered.
I'm not too sure Camilla will last that long. She smokes like a chimney, has a bend in her spine, already snapped a fetlock and is married to Chuckles.

River, thank you, Ma looks okay but she's far from it. Having a good doctor has kept her here at least 4 years longer and happier than she should be.

Andrew, the old bat has only 2 years on your mother and they both play 'manipulate' in the professional class. Although mine might win in the will power grade. Would your mother cut the lawns with a broken leg in plaster and wrapped in a bin liner to keep it dry?

R.H. said...

Good heavens, she hasn't aged.

Mother will outlive us all.

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi JT,

Four generations is a rare thing.

Great photo.




JahTeh said...

Robbert, 2016 hasn't left, she's been on the phone 3 times already and I'm at the stage where I want to buy a baseball bat or find a large brick.

Plasman, she's decided that being 87 is a doddle so she's planning on hitting 90. I'm planning my funeral.

Davoh said...

Um, in this day and age of "correctness" should not the tiny female (anticipating a future) be already labelled a "Ms", 'Mz', ... or 'Mizz" ???

(Hi again JT, TY fer the comment on Womby's drivel)