Friday, August 24, 2018

It must be nearly Spring, the dills are begining to bloom

Cartoon of the year.  Embiggen at your risk. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Elephant's Child said...


River said...

I embiggened. Now I need coffee. More coffee.
What the heck is going on in Parliament??
6 Prime Ministers in just 11 years?
Are they trying to make sure they all get their turn at fattening their wallets?

What happened to governing the country?

Unknown said...

Democracy in action and the system worked. But the result is bad, and could have been much worse.

Cheryl said...

Spot on! The future of our country isn't looking rosy.

Beth Waltz said...

Words fail me.... And if you knew me well, you'd know

Headlines here this morning trumpet the American economy is stronger than at any time since WWII. Also noted: One in four families is experiencing financial difficulties due to medical expenses or "food insecurity" due to more kids than they can afford to feed.

JahTeh said...

I am up to the eyeballs with Politicians, nowt but greedy ferrets and I'm looking at Pauline Hanson as Chief Ferret.

Cheryl G, I am a pensioner and apparently I am the sole cause of the decline in prosperity but I can still think and I have the answer to the drought. We put all the pollies in a couple of planes, fly over the dry paddocks and hang them out the windows, they're so gormless they'd piss so much and hopefully bring on the rain.

Beth, it's only stronger because they're all down south building a wall. I refuse to watch any medical tv show from America because I know people are terrified of having to there and end up in poverty. As for too many children, keep manic pro life judges out of the Supreme Court. I believe the motto of US is In God we Trust, Gordon Geeko said it better, Greed is Good (for this era).
Please don't send a drone to bomb my blog for the insults, we already have a drone running the country.

Ann ODyne said...

the cartoonists help us cope with the horror of politics.
all the ugly UK & USA stuff is replicated here.
we may find out just how hard the australian electorate can be pushed before they arc up and revolt.

Ann ODyne said...

well Mr PotatoHead has only got worse since this was posted.
That name was bestowed on him by fellow politicians btw.
He has other aliases, like #JEdgarTuber and The Potatoship