Saturday, April 27, 2019

Ear worms, nuisance, eye worms, hilarious

You pest, Highriser, you really started something with those T-shirts. Everywhere I looked I would find something that would look great on a shirt for you.  The one above would be from your long past drag days.

But much further down the track (R would agree) this one would just be right.
Actually it could be the bloggers motto from the early days, we're too old and lazy to be psycho these days.

Better to leave the weirdness to politicians.  We're going back to the early days with bushrangers trying to run the country and run with the money. What would you do if a Parliamentarian walked up to you and said, "I'll look after your purse/wallet, you can trust me."  You kick them in the kneecaps and run a mile.
That would be nasty on a T-shirt, Clive in speedos with his hand in the Treasury.

Now I have to go and look for the cat. Jimmy forgot about the cat and brought his dog in the yard and being curious he followed him into the house and spotted the cat's breakfast, didn't see the cat behind him.  The cat is terrified of dogs but so protective of his food that he fluffed up like a giant balloon and started growling. Apparently the dog, a timid Coolee (?) is terrified of cats and couldn't move what with the growling and hissing of the giant snowball.  The dog was picked up and taken out, the cat took one look at the empty plates and stormed off to the sewing room.  That was 3 hours ago, I think he's lost himself.

Down to the last magazine holder and I'll have two shelves empty.  These come from the 70s and what were we thinking about with fashion! Horrible big clunky shoes, almost impossible to walk in and definitely the skinny age of clothes.  There was only one way to hide a big everything, Caftans. I had several, still have two to use as patterns. Forget the shoes, I don't think I'd have the energy to lift my feet from the ground.
No matter how many memories of the glory days of youth, some things should be left in the past.  That includes photos of first boyfriends, I found one and my dear, those unfortunate ears.  I have torn up every letter and photo but there's always one lurking around to question one's taste in men and he was wearing platform shoes and flares but I suppose they kept him from flying off in wild weather.


Elephant's Child said...

Shuddering at the thought of any of our pollies on a t-shirt.
No old photos or letters here. I don't think.
I hope the cat materialises again. Jazz is a growler too - and twice tradies hearing but not seeing him have asked whether the dog is safe...

Unknown said...

I'll wear the first tee, but not the second. I've done drag about five times in my life and it is interesting, about people's reaction to you when you are in drag and your supreme confidence, normally hidden away.

The 70s, skin tight and revealing jeans for men and ethereal women floating about in caftans. Good memories.

Don't destroy your history yet.

Cheryl said...

I think both ideas for t-shirts would suit me, both made smile. I don't blame the gorgeous ice beat for being upset after losing his food to that dog, I would be too. Dear Jah thank you for your lovely response to my comment on your last post, I was very touched by your thoughtfulness.

Cheryl said...

*ice bear

Beth Waltz said...

Dear JahTeh, when I moved I, too, unearthed (and binned) photos of beaux and wondered, "Why on this planet did I ever worry if HE thought I looked fat in skinny jeans?!" I write this wearing a caftan from that era...nothing like 50-year-old rayon for durability. No tee shirts from the era survived: pity, could sell them for $$$ on eBay.

Cheryl said...

Oh dear JahTeh I really must be more careful typing comments, I had a glass of red last night while responding to your great post. I was young in the seventies and have thrown out heaps of photos of "what was I thinking" exes and felt better for so doing. Caftans were lovely then and now.I have seen many beautiful silk ones for sale.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, considering the bites and scratches from Jazz and Jewell over the years, I wonder if there wasn't some wild cat genes in the mix. As for politicians, these weeks before election are going to be hell. If I was ScoMo I'd stay away from trying to be sporty popular because I'm sure it's no accident that all balls seem to be aimed at his head.

Andrew, I bet you would have looked luscious through the bottom of an empty glass.
As for the skinny jeans, were you like most in that era where you had to lie on the floor to zip up, they were skinny and tight.

Cheryl, I married one of those "what was I thinking" but if it was now I'd have lived with him, maximum 6 weeks then packed and ran to the nearest exit. I've kept most of the wedding photos in case the girls want them and I know what I was thinking in them just by the look on my face.

Beth, we must have bought that caftan from the same place, you're right about the rayon. I'm sure I've blogged about wearing those damn shoes. The platforms didn't bend and I remember walking down steep Collins Street at night staggering from one parking meter to the next until I told stupid to go and get the car and pick me up.
I have to say they looked gorgeous on but not walking downhill.

Andrew, platform shoes or stilletto heels for you?