Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Another hill to climb

Tomorrow he would have been 48 and wouldn't have needed that beard to look older.  All he wanted was to work in the bush, look after trees and keep the forests intact.  He's holding his eldest daughter here, Laura, who is due to give birth in the next few days to his second grandchild.
I remember his laugh. 

Mum's waited a long time to have another birthday with him.  


River said...

He's a fine looking fellow. Your son? He'll enjoy having his grandma with him again.

Elephant's Child said...

Echoing River.

Cathy said...

As each year goes by we often wonder - like I'm sure you do.
He has a lovely soft and gentl looking face. Has he been gone long?

Andrew said...

I can see where his looks came from. A sad day but full of memories.

JahTeh said...

I hope his granddaughter is born today. Now you know I sneak around my ex daughter in law's facebook since it's the only way I can get photos and that 2nd one was taken on his wedding day. I didn't have it so I stole it.

Cathy, it's nearly 25 years. I brought up my nephew and there was only 12 months between them and he has never recovered from it but as the girls have grown and he's had a son of his own, he's lost a lot of the pain.

Andrew, it should be a sad day but knowing the pain he was in, induced coma for 4 weeks, and what his life was going to be like, I'd rather have him where he is. The boy that was killed in the scaffold collapse caused me a few tears for his family.

Cheryl said...

He was a fine looking young man, and I share his birthday.

Helen Balcony said...

Beautiful young man

JahTeh said...

Cheryl, all the best people are born in April except politicians. I hope you had a happy day.

Helen, he was a tree hugger before it became fashionable. If those two brats were missing I only had to look up the nearest gum tree.

Beth Waltz said...

Dear JahTeh, your son left a legacy of a soul-warming smile -- and offspring. Whenever there's a funeral in my father's family, an effort is made to seat the family with an infant in the front row so that mourners see new life has already begun. I do hope your great-granddaughter hatches this Easter, bringing with her her grandfather's smile.

Ann ODyne said...

oh darling Coppy, echoing what all our friends above said.
and we feel your pain - so important and therapeutic to acknowledge it.
Cheltenham cemetery trust needs a rocket up it's toolshed though.

JahTeh said...

Beth, I'm still waiting and was so hoping she would arrive on his birthday but nothing so far. I always thought a 2nd baby arrived more on time than the first.

Annie O, doing a genealogy chart on my great granddaughters would keep you going for 12 months, what with all the Sri Lankan and European families from the Ceylon side then the French and German on my side with Scot and American from ex husband.
SBS are showing a new series of "Who do you think you are" in the next few weeks with a really interesting load of Aussies.

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