Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I could use a couple of these

Looking at this photo from National Geo makes me feel freezing but I'm laughing at the same time.

According to photographer Michael Schaake, he decided to take his time to photograph one sheep but one after the other, the rest appeared.  It's a brilliant shot. 

 Reminds me of those cat memes we all loved.  "How to catch a cat", put down an empty box and watch it fill as 3 or 4 cats tried to fit into the box or put down freshly laundered washing on a couch. I can vouch for the ironing. I lost the Ice Bear the other night and only found him when he moved on the white sheet on the top of the pile. Don't worry I don't iron sheets, they just happened to be on the chair with the rest of the un-ironed laundry. Still there and another load in the dryer and another lot un-washed in the machine.  Don't judge, I'm cold and coughing again. 

At the moment it's only 9 degrees in Cheltenham, feels like zero.  I only checked to see what temperature is for Thursday or Friday as I haven't yet made an appointment for a follow up heart scan. I must go and do it now and hope the wind dies down. The bloody cat is insisting on the back door being open so he can make a dash for a pee, never mind me freezing to death and he has kitty litter but he needs a bigger tray.  I'm the one who had to wipe him down when the wind changed and he was pee'd upon, could have been worse. 

A pox on everyone who's delighted with the falling snow.  By the time I get the CT scan I'll be coughing up ice.


Elephant's Child said...

That is one stunningly beautiful image, and as you know I could happily live in it.
I am sorry that you are both freezing and coughing again. And sniggering at IceBear piddling on himself. Perhaps that will teach him not to go outside on nasty days.

Cheryl said...

I love the sheep shot, winter is here at last and it's good to have relief from the heat. Icebear is lucky to have the door left open for him, he sounds like a real character.Stay warm and hope you keep well.

River said...

That's a nice image, but looks a little too chilly for me. It's supposed to get down to 8C tonight, so I'm thankful for my home and the warm dressing gown I'm currently wrapped in. Also thankful that Lola uses her tray.
I'm sorry to hear you are coughing again and hope you get better soon. Is it a cold or the cold weather that makes you cough?

Anonymous said...

It is a great photo. Just as well the sheep have nice thick fleece.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I can see you with your happy face rounding up the sheep. I can see them sniggering to each other about the strange 5 legged stranger, his two legs, camera's three legs.

Cheryl, if he gets any fatter, too bad, the door is only slightly ajar.

River, he uses the tray but apparently I haven't raked it over this week and he loves a smooth surface on his very expensive crystals with the lavender de-odorant.
Cough is left over from the infection I had in February.

Andrew, I keep looking at the feet, surely the cold must go up the feet. But I love the way they're looking at the photographer, like old ladies over the back fence or John's mob in the Welsh village.

Beth Waltz said...

Dear JahTeh, you've given me inspiration for the next time it's necessary to corral the cats. For the last vet visit I invested 5 weeks of twice daily placing their precious cans of gushy food inside the big carrier. Slowly...slowly...catchee kitties! Came the evil day, the door closed behind them. * But they are not young and vet visits cannot be avoided, therefore, I shall forthwith begin baiting the big carrier with towels fresh and hot from the dryer. Only 4 months to gain their trust, but this might work!