Thursday, May 30, 2019



I love Otters, love love Otters. Remember the Hover Cat memes?  So here we have a hover Otter.

I needed something cute.  Yesterday it snowed in Oakleigh, which is just up the highway from Cheltenham, snow for Scummo's sake! Of course I blame the Government, doesn't everyone.
My neighbour came in and took my garbage bin out and just made it back to his front door when the thunder started and the rain and the hailstones. It was freezing. I fell asleep near the fire and didn't wake until 3 in the morning when I staggered off to bed.
The cat would have fainted if it had snowed on him. He still hasn't recovered from last winter when he was caught by hailstones and they melted in his fur. 

A lot of talk going around about freedom of religion.  Great, another mess.
My first faith is Science followed closely by Harry Potter. Sort that out you moronic creeps.  


Elephant's Child said...

We had a little snow on the nearby hills too.
I strongly suspect that they have only one religion in mind when they are talking freedom of religion. And shuddered when I heard among other things they want that religion to be free to disciminate.

River said...

Snow that close to you? Yikes! And you had hailstones too. We were told we may have hail yesterday morning, but they didn't happen, which is fine with me. I seem to be feeling the cold more that I usually do and it's bringing on the aches.
Religion? What's that?

Cheryl said...

Looking out at frost covered paddocks this morning, no snow here in the mountains yet but amazing to hear snow fell so close to Melbourne.Now is the winter of our discontent or mine at least regarding Scummo and his cronies and their inability to understand the separation of religion from government which is embedded in our constitution. Sorry, I will stop venting now.

Anonymous said...

I've not seen much news this week and hadn't heard about the snow. I did hear about the hail in the south eastern suburbs. Do you bake scones to give in return for your neighbour's kindness?

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I saw that your morning temp was supposed to be minus 0 and I pictured you tra la'ing around the garden. Discriminate against anybody not white bread Christian. I'd like to know where Barmy got his pass what with the lying and adultery and just plain being ugly.

River, I do have your number but I'm never sure when to ring. You're not the only one feeling the cold, it's a real chill cold that gets in the bones. Of course we are getting older. If it wasn't for online shopping I'd be half my size by now.

Cheryl, I had shivers at frost covered paddocks remembering my mother being dragged through them to look for mushrooms. She hated mushrooms for ever. Don't you love the way they kept quiet about the Sri Lankan boat caught at Christmas Island and chartering a jet to get them back. Dutton has blamed Shorten for his electioneering that let the people smugglers know they were back in business. What a load of rubbish.

Andrew, he takes the garbage out and I let him fill my green garden bin since I never even look in that. I will bake scones when I get my new stove, just waiting for the Good Guys sale. Is the Highrise in the clouds where the lightning is? I want photos.

River said...

Most of the time I don't hear the phone ringing and it ALWAYS stops before I get to it. Send a text message instead. It's cheaper anyway.