Saturday, June 08, 2019

Cheers for our AFP

Yeah, Scomo and Dutton.   They're Cactus.

And I thank our AFP and their raids on everybody.  I am having a sign made for my front door. 



Elephant's Child said...

I wish they were cactus. I really wish it.

River said...

I love the frogs, but they do look a lot cleaner than I suspect any politician really is.

Cheryl said...

Yes they are cactus, definitely. The top 100 classical composers is on ABC radio this weekend. Some relief from the madness of this week's events.

Unknown said...

Takes a lot to kill cactus, but it can be done. I was going through the list of those who follow me on Twitter. I was a little alarmed to see that ASIO follows me, but it is a fake ASIO.

Beth Waltz said...

Very succulent, those succulents! Wish I could find those pots in a local garden shop: They're just the thing for concealing cat kibble on offer to a neighbor's cat who's escaped the house and is roaming the neighborhood. The HOA discourages feeding "strays" for fear of encouraging rodents, but I don't think they'd inspect one's flower pots.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I get very violent whenever I listen to the lies of Dutton and I know where I'd like to shove a cactus.

River, I thought of you when I found these cactus holders but I think they could be large.

Cheryl, this madness is going to go on and on until we surround Parliament with rocks and good throwing arms.

Andrew, I'm on Twitter but don't know how to work it. And that is Asio, I informed on you for all that travelling and not bringing me back anything.

Beth, poor cat, rotten owners. If the cats are hungry enough they'll eat the rodents. What a check to go on your property to snoop instead of having a go at the neighbours.